Monday 13 October 2014

The King in Yellow in USR Mythos

USR Mythos isn't all about Lovecraft. Oh sure, there's a tonne of cosmic dread in there - big ol' things with tentacles for eyes and eyes for knees or whatever, but Mythos will go beyond Lovecraft. I will definitely be including aspects of Chambers' The King in Yellow, which I suppose has found its way into Lovecraftian lore anyway, but I'm a big fan of the whole Carcosa thing. I think the notion of a world beyond this, like pulling back a veil and discovering something incredibly haunting, is one that really speaks to me, so I want this to be a part of Mythos.

If you're unfamiliar with The King in Yellow then I would describe it thusly: there is a play manuscript called The King in Yellow that sends people mad if they read after the first act. In Chambers' stories and other works in the Carcosa mythos, this madness tends to lead people to another world - dim Carcosa, the world within the play itself. It's all kinds of messed up, but I highly recommend you go and read it for free right here. You'll want to read the first four stories, which are the ones tied to the Carcosa mythos.

So with the eponymous King in Yellow be an actual creature in the game? Or will be be more symbolic? I'm thinking I have a completely separate section for Carcosa along with all the other locations. I'm rambling now, so I apologise.

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