Saturday 25 October 2014

The Kicker: Apocalypse Prevention, Inc Second Edition

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Shadowy organisations that exist to defend humanity from otherworldy beings - that's a genre that really clicks with me. Men in Black did it for aliens and Hellboy did it for essentially everything folklore-related, and Apocalypse Prevention, Inc follows a similar theme for demonic entities.
Image copyright Third Eye Games

I've never had the opportunity to play the first edition of API, but it's always been on my peripheral, so Third Eye Games' latest Kickstarter for the second edition really intrigued me. It's been six years since the first game was published and the designers are promising a more 'streamlined and exciting experience' this time around, using a tweaked version of Third Eye's Dynamic Gaming System. This is a d20-based ruleset with a whopping 20 playable races, customisable magic, new cybernetics (that can now be subtle or hidden), and a new Reasons system which allows characters to give their own reason for joining the agency.

There will also be a rules update to the Savage Worlds edition of the game, which is probably as good a reason as any to fund the game because SW is just great.

So, what are you getting for your pledges? The minimum donation is a pretty steep $15, which will net you a PDF of the rules along with a PDF sourcebook of your choice. Ok, so that's actually not a bad deal. If you're looking for a treeware version then $25 will get you the softcover rules along with the PDF, all additional Savage Worlds material, and a PDF sourcebook. Again, that's a great deal. If you want to create your own agent as well as getting physical book copies then you'll have to front a cool $250, although this tier is looking pretty popular with 4 of 10 already gone.

If all this tickles your fancy, then you can head over and fund the Kickstarter here.

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