Monday 27 October 2014

Zak S brings DIY sensibilities to 5e Monster Manual with awesome results

Image: Zak S. and Wizards of the Coast

I'm one of those people who feels a bit weird about writing in a book, especially one as beautiful as the 5th edition D&D Monster Manual, but designer and blogger Zak S doesn't have such qualms. Over the past few weeks the DIY D&D proponent has been taking a marker to the brand new Monster Manual to alter creatures to his liking - creating new attacks, ecologies and in some cases entirely new names.

The latest iconic beast to become the victim of the Zak's Sharpie is the Basilisk, which he has shrunk to iguana-sized proportions. In comparison to his other alterations, the Basilisk has been spared on the whole, but some, like the Azer, have been completely revamped. He's even changed (improved) their name to Azerites and gave them a creative new background:

"The Azerites are the victims of a cruel and innovative goblin joke dating from the 8th Agon: dwarf prisoners were given a hallucinogen that made them both susceptible to suggestion and immune to flame, then set their faces alight and sent them charging at their fellows," explains Zak.

Check out his 'fixing the Monster Manual' series in full.

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