Monday 27 October 2014

Play a preview of DestinyQuest Infinite

If you know me, then you know that I love me a bit of DestinyQuest. The gamebook series is unique in that each tome is absolutely massive and it plays a bit like a paper version of Diablo 2. So imagine my joy when QuestForge emailed to tell me that the digital version of the book is available to be previewed.

The demo requires no sign-in or download to access, and includes two quests from DestinyQuest Infinite: Act 1. Go on, have a go here.

DestinyQuest Infinite is a game with RPG elements like combat, stats, and loot. It’s also a digital book with hundreds of pages of story to explore. Features include:

  • The official interactive DestinyQuest, with all 600+ pages of the print book by Michael J. Ward
  • Customizable hero with stats that correspond to your equipment
  • Hundreds of items and abilities
  • Battles that test your skill and luck
  • Rich and immersive fantasy world that draws on folklore and mythology
  • Playable from any device that has a browser (Chrome and Firefox currently supported)

Christopher Liu, founder and lead programmer of Adventure Cow and QuestForge, said: “I originally planned for DestinyQuest Infinite to be this quick 9 month game project. Four years later, I'm basically embarrassed that it took so long to make a book (I mean, it's a book, how hard could a book be?). I’m excited that it's finally coming out, once we sort through all the technical support requests we got because the latest version of Chrome broke our build. I'm also hoping we'll get some press about how we're mixing books and games but every time I try to write a quote about how cool it is I get this instead.”

DestinyQuest Infinite: Act 1 (of 3) will be available for purchase from Adventure Cow in November 2014. For more information, visit the game website at

Check out the trailer below.

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