Thursday 30 October 2014

Dungeonscape is no more as Trapdoor and Wizards of the Coast part ways

The online suite of tools built for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, Dungeonscape, has closed its doors before it had chance to open them.

Trapdoor Technologies, the company behind Dungeonscape, has announced that Wizards of the Coast will no longer be working with them as of October 31st, but that the software will still likely have a future.

You can read the full statement below:

Greetings friends,

Today, we have news that is both sobering and hopeful. Wizards of the Coast and Trapdoor Technologies will no longer be working together to develop DungeonScape for Fifth Edition D&D, and we will not be releasing the product in its current form. The beta program on all platforms will be shutting down at noon (MST) on Friday, October 31.

Although we can’t reveal all of the details regarding the future of DungeonScape, we are happy to say that there is indeed a future—so fear not!

This project, 100% internally funded, conceptualized, and built by our talented team at Trapdoor, has been a labor of love from the very beginning. We set out to change the way RPGs are played at the table—making our game night more about enjoying the adventure than searching for rules. We still hold true to that quest. We believe that our Story Machine™ is a powerful tool for converting information into something more useful and rich.

We’re working hard to solidify the details of what’s next for DungeonScape, and we’ll share that information with you when it’s appropriate.

Until then, please continue to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll do our very best to answer any questions you have through social media or email.

Long live the adventure.
The Trapdoor Technologies Team

So where do we think this leaves Dungeonscape? There's certainly potential for the digital gaming aid to be picked up by the likes of Paizo, or if their Story Machine is versatile enough it could perhaps be customised for several different systems.

Via ENWorld

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