Sunday 26 October 2014

The Kicker: Digital D20

Welcome to another edition of The Kicker, where we take a look at new Kickstarters in the gaming world. 

Ah, gaming prep. Some GMs love it, while others can't stand it, but we all know that it has to be done to some extent. Some people will spend hours plotting, planning and scheming before a session, while others, like me, tend to build a small framework and improvise off that.

Now here comes Digital D20 with a modern solution to all that game prep, potentially cutting down all that plotting and scheming time while allowing for an open game that your players can help form.

Digital D20 is an app for tablets that distributes D20 adventures with all the information required to run a game. This means that rather than having to cart around the DM's Guide and Monster Manual with you, the app will contain all that information in drop-downs. Interestingly, Digital D20 also facilitates character relationships, so you can keep track of whether the mayor has a crush on your gnome bard because you know he does.

As its interface, the app uses something they're calling Gamethrough, which contains editing tools, an interactive map and the ability to create and share modules. Presumably the latter part will only really be useful depending on the app's take up, which I guess will be relatively substantial if the project funds.

Actually, one of the most inventive parts of the project, for me, is the Player App, which connects to the GM's app to download diary entries to help players keep abreast of what's happening in the game. I can see this being particularly useful for groups who don't play much or those who just drink copious amounts of alcohol between sessions.

So far, so good. What about pledge rewards? If you're looking to get the app then you're going to be splashing out £12, which will get you the platform and two chapters of the in-built campaign. If you want to see your face in the game then it's going to be £50 to become a pre-gen character. Of course, if you have £2000 going spare then you'll be heading off to Spain to train with a sword master, visit a Toledo smithy and play D&D with the Digital D20 guys.

You can check out the Digital D20 Kickstarter here.

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