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Iron Maiden: Guardians of the Shatterverse (USR hack)

This isn't official, just me noodling around in the Maiden-verse. You'll need the USR rules to play. I'll specifically be using the rules in Tequendria, which is essentially USR 3.0 due to the focus on balance and progression. Players of Legacy of the Beast will recognise a few similarities, but I wanted to alter the story.

Guardians of the Shatterverse

The setting

In the Iron Maiden RPG players take on an aspect of Eddie, Iron Maiden's perennial ghoulish mascot, as they travel the multiverse hunting down evil in all its forms. Time and Space has been fractured by an evil force called The Gloam an the universe is now called the Shatterverse. The Gloam's dark tendrils have woven their way into the shards of the Shatterverse, poisoning time and space. However, there are those powerful enough to stand against the Gloam and travel through the Shatterverse - they are the Eternals. Eddie is an Eternal who, when the universe was fractured, split into his individual aspects from all space and time. Oh, Eddie can be female too.

Now the Aspects of Eddie are coming together to defeat the Gloam and remake the universe once more.

Each shard represents a time and place in the history of the world. These include:

- The battlefields of WW1
- Ancient Egypt
- Medieval Britain
- Ancient Rome
- Cyberpunk future

But you can basically set it anywhere you want.

Character classes (Aspects of Eddie)

The Pharoah
When the lifegiver dies all around is laid waste. And in my last hour I'm a slave to the power of death. The Pharoah is the mighty ruler of Egypt, with the power of the gods themselves.

Starting specialisms: Born ruler (Ego 2), Tactics (Wits 2), Religious (Wits 2)
Equipment: Rod (melee d6), robes, ankh
Special ability: Mighty leader - once per day the Pharoah can boost the spirits of allies within 50ft. Each ally gain +2 to all attack rolls for 1d6 minutes.

The Trooper
You fire your musket but I'll run you through. The Trooper is a hardened soldier of the Crimean War.

Starting specialisms: Survival (Wits 2), Athletic (Action 2), Riding (Action 2)
Equipment: Musket with bayonet (ranged and melee d6), uniform, Union Flag.

Special ability: War cry - Once per combat the Trooper gains a +2 to damage for one round.

The Cyborg
Caught somewhere in time, the cyborg hails from the far future.

Starting specialisms: Technology (Wits 2), Translation (Wits 2), Piloting (Action 2)
Equipment: Laser pistol (ranged d6+1), lifeform scanner, Communicator

Special ability: Scanner - the cyborg can use its scanner to detect a number of sentient lifeforms within 100ft, even through walls and floors.

The Reaper
Cloaked in black and carrying a scythe, the Reaper is your one way ticket to the underworld.

Starting specialisms: Terrifying (Ego 2), Stealthy (Action 2), Persuasive (Ego 2)
Equipment: Scythe (melee d6), black cloak

Special ability: Dance of Death - once per combat The Reaper forces one target to dance for one round. They take a -2 to defence and cannot move from their spot.

The Shaman
Holding the heart of his latest sacrifice, the shaman divines his powers from the spirit realm.

Starting specialisms: Herbalist (Wits 2), Magic lore (Wits 2), Entrance (Ego 2)
Equipment: Skull staff (melee d6), Book of Souls, herbs

Special ability: Talk with Spirits - once per day the shaman can talk with a spirit for 5 minutes to heal yourself and up to four allies 2d6 hits.


You'll be dealing with futuristic weapons along with medieval ones, so like anything USR I've not gone for realism. Small weapons are d6-1 damage, medium d6, large d6+1 and special weapons have d8. Being able to use certain weapons depends on your Action. D6 action can use small or medium, d8 action can use small, medium and large and d10 can use all including special. Armour comes in similar flavours: light is +2, medium +4 and heavy +6.

Wait a minute, damage is assigned to weapons?

Yep, better download Tequendria. Winners of combat roll their damage die now. Level is added to attacks too. Nifty.

Scream for me tokens

At character creation players get 3 Scream for Me tokens. These replenish when they level up. Spend a token to do one of the following:

- gain 2d6+2 Hits
- automatically hit in your next attack
- if an enemy damaged you, negate the damage

When using them, you can optionally do a Bruce Dickinson scream.

Shatterverse travel

Eddies can travel between worlds (shards). It takes 10 minutes to create a portal and the name of the shard must be spoken into the portal in order to activate it. Some names are known and others are secret. Travel is immediate. Some quests in the game will require players trying to uncover the name of the next shard.

The nature of The Gloam

The Gloam is evil incarnate. It is a primordial entity that was once part of the Eternals, but was cast away into the abyss at the beginning of time. It has emerged from the darkness to seek it's vengeance on the Eternals by remaking the universe in its own way.

The Gloam creates evil beings and can even possess the good.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Campaign diary: introduction to Bal Jala

I'm back in the GM seat after about a year, about to kick off a new Pathfinder campaign based on Arabian fantasy. Unlike my previous long games, this one's designed to last around two months - so one concentrated adventure with PCs beginning at level six.

Bal Jala is, of course, the jewel of the Sumerland. A ridiculously lavish and architecturally brilliant city of white stone and golden minarets sitting beneath an azure sky and by the river Kish. Because I'm cribbing heavily from Al-Qadim, the streets are awash with all kinds of races (no dwarves though - too hot). Elves, orcs, goblins and humans, among others, live and work side-by-side in relative harmony. The city is governed by the Sultan Harun, a recent instatement as far as sultans go after the passing of his father Abir seven years ago. Harun, a wiry middle-aged man with a kind demeanour and a relaxed style of ruling, has proven popular among the majority of Bal Jalans for his progressive taxation laws and re-opening of spice trade routes with the Ivory City to the north. The last day of Mihla has even come to be known as Yawm Harun, or Harun’s Day. 

Of course, not all in the sultanate support Harun’s methods. Rebel groups have cropped up in and around the city - most of whom are disorganised thugs who like to cause problems for the Sultan’s Wasi, the city guard. However there have been signs that some are becoming a more organised menace following the murders of two prominent nobles - an elf and an orc. Harun has ordered further investigations into these and similar crimes, discovering the organisation’s name: The Black Viper.

Harun is advised by his most trusted Vizier Shar, who was his father’s right-hand man in the past. Shar isn’t one to be meddled with, being a shrewd politician from a line of great scholars. He is, however, a supporter of Harun and lover of his city, even going so far as disguising himself as a common peasant to mingle with the people in the marketplace, embracing the experience of ordinary folk. 

So that's an intro to Bal Jala and my new campaign. I'll be updating weekly to talk a bit about what's happened in that week's session. 

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Feats for In Darkest Warrens

When creating your character, you may choose one of the following feats, taking note of any prerequisites. At level 3 you can select another feat.

Sticky fingers
When attempting to pick a pocket, gain +2 to the roll.

You can disguise yourself as another humanoid race or another gender. Once per day you can test Person to disguise yourself. If you are successful, you can disguise yourself for up to 7 hours. If you are disguising yourself as another race the test is difficult.

Master appraiser
You know the estimated value of an item by studying it for 10 minutes.

Gain +1 to rolls when trying to search for traps.

Advanced trapfinder
Prerequisite: Trapfinder
Gain +2 to rolls when trying to search for traps.

Animal tamer
You have an affinity with animals. You gain +1 to rolls when trying to calm a wild animal. 

Adept caster
Prerequisite: magic user
Gain an extra use of one of your spells per day.

Shadow walker
When you blend into the shadows you become almost invisible. When moving in shadow you are counted as invisible. Attacks against you have a 50% chance of failing. Once you attack from shadow you can be seen until you move to another location within shadow.

You can spend 3 minutes per day giving an inspirational speech relating to one attribute. For the next hour, those witnessing the speech gain +1 to all tests involving that attribute.

Dual weilder
You do not receive a penalty for using a second melee weapon.

You may take a -1 to attack and +1 to wound damage.

Treasure hunter
The value of treasure you find is increased by 10%

Armour proficiency
Gain an extra +1 wound benefit to armour.

Advanced armour proficiency
Prerequisite: armour proficiency
Gain an extra +2 wound benefit to armour.

Knowing the winds
You intrinsically know what the weather will be like in the next 24 hours.

Poison immunity
You do not receive adverse effects from poison.

You are able to fix objects with the right materials. Test Mind to try to fix an object. Every test counts as a day of attempting to fix the object and it can be attempted multiple times. You require materials of a value equal to 25% of the object's market value.

When trying to gather information in a town or city, gain +1 to the roll. 

The War for the Crown brings political intrigue to Pathfinder

It's funny that I never talk about Pathfinder here, despite it being the main game my group has played for around four years. I started cold to the game, finding it needlessly complex (ok, I still do) but since then it's grown on me like some parasitic game moss. Sure, I still prefer lighter fare, my particular D&D flavour being S&W and LotFP but I still have a place in my callous heart for Pathfinder.

So here we have the announcement of a new adventure path, of which there are at least ten billion now. Ok, so this one is 127 but still, lots of adventure paths. I'm not exactly a fan of them to be honest. I started my first campaign by cribbing stuff from Rise of the Runelords, but after a few sessions used my own homebrew adventure. Despite my dislike of running premade modules, The War for the Crown sounds different enough to intrigue me.

The gist is that there's a conspiracy in Taldor, a big old city in the Inner Sea, where a bunch of nobles and senators are trying to avert some kind of disaster. The Emperor is having none of this so has a load of them assassinated. Apparently then the emperor falls and the players have to save the heir from being sliced up real good.

Cue the Game of Thrones theme music, being the only thing I know about Game of Thrones, having read one book and watched one season. I've heard it's popular and has incest and wolves.

Roght, so this sounds like pretty cool political intrigue, which is a taste I like and you can buy the physical edition of Crownfall, the first adventure, from the Paizo website that, frankly, needs a good overhaul.

Will I purchase? Maybe. As I say, I don't like to run games from the book - the last one I did was Storm King's Thunder and it wasn't great - but HELL do I like to steal stuff from them. If  there's a good premise and characters, I'll be happy to rip them off for a future campaign. This is why there needs to be more setting books a la Dark Veins and Red and Pleasant Land. They contain that chunky meat stuff that's good for growing girls and boys DMs.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Treeps of the Broog Marshes

I've not written about Tequendria in a while, so I thought it was about time.

The Broog Marshes of Mondath are only whispered of in stories told by the cunning bog people who scribe their prayers in mud to Mosahn, the bird of doom. Only three wary adventurers have set foot in the foggy abyss of the Marshes, yet only one returned with darkness in her eyes, not a sound leaving her lips for ten years.

The Broog Marshes are alive and malignant, plotting against the beauty of the emerald forests and rolling fields, where children play hoops in the spring and all are glad. The adventurer eventually spoke of the Treeps, the haunting guardians of the Marshes - half man, half tree, gnarled and sinister with eyes of crawling dung beetles and smiles like knife wounds. They stand as tall as oaks, walking slowly and humming a song that even the gods detest. They feast on the numerous beasts of the marsh, such as the Hut Hut boar and the Droop Bird, whose eggs are poison to the Treeps.

The adventurer, through fearful breaths, spoke of their whispers that would put the ears of man into a deep slumber. In that deep sleep, their prey would be hung from great branches high above the ground and left to be devoured by the Oog Flies, for the bones of man are sweet to the taste of the Treep.

Lvl. 8
Type: Monster
Action: d10, Wits: d8, Ego: d6
Hits: 7d8 (28)
Attack: d10+4 (Swipe d8) or Whisper (see special rule)
Defence: d10+4
Specialisms: Camouflage (Action 4), Darksight (Wits 2), Great strength (Action 2)
Special rule: The Treep may attack with a whisper three times per combat. 1d6 targets within 20ft must test wits (hard). If unsuccessful, the target falls into a slumber in 1d3 rounds. They only awaken if harmed.
Treasure: Treep bark (3000 shards), Treep sap (+4 to Action tests for 12 hours).

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

New tech for Wired Neon Cities

Nullifier: this module can be attached to an android unit to power it down. Once attached to any part of the android, it takes a second to completely power down. The android may make a difficult nimble test (-1) to avoid being powered down. The android is powered down for 48 hours or until the nullifier is removed.

Holo companion: a ping pong ball sized metal sphere that projects a full 3 dimensional hologram of a human AI who can interact verbally with others, but cannot interact physically. The owner can customise the appearance when the companion is first booted. The companion has access to GlowNet.

Shardgun: two handed rifle that fires three spinning razor discs, doing 2 wounds on a hit. On a hit, the target must test brawn. If they are unsuccessful they begin to bleed, taking 1 wound per round for d3 rounds. Available only through the black market.

Purifier: a long red cup. When any water is poured in the filtration system automatically purifies it.

Red Rose: a bracelet that emits a fine spray that makes people more amenable to you. The spray stays on you for 30 minutes and one cylinder has 5 uses. In this time, gain an extra die when you test Person and take the highest result.

Thought scope: a small telescope that scans a person's thoughts if they are within 5ft. The process takes 10 seconds. Emotions and images can be read.  

Wired Neon Cities is a minimalist cyberpunk roleplaying game set in the futuristic 80s. 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

5 new magic items for Quill White Box

Quill of the Nethermancer: this black quill gleams gold in the moonlight. Activating the quill summons four netherfairies to do your bidding. You may unsummon a fairy to gain an extra die on any roll. Fairies remain around until unsummoned. The quill has two activations before it can no longer be activated. 400gp

Recharge Stone: a purple gemstone that emanates power. Using it returns all the uses of a single magic item. Cannot be used on other recharge stones. One use. 250gp

Ring of Fortune: a silver ring with a ruby inset. Add 50% to the value of treasure received. 3 uses. 300gp

Radiant Signet Ring: this ring is used to make a mark in a wax seal. It glows white when used. Use at the end of a letter to gain 2 points. 3 uses. 450gp

Demonbind Quill: the first time you use this red quill you bind yourself to a demon. Activating it gives you 5 points. When activated you must lose an item. If you have no items, the demon takes you to the hell dimension.

Top image: Magic the Gathering/ Wizards of the Coast.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

How to convert published adventures to Quill: White Box scenarios

The Quill: White Box book contains scenarios to get you well on your way to adventure, but there's more you can do once you've completed those. I want to talk about how to turn those published modules for other fantasy games into Quill letters.

Your objective is determined by the module

Do you have to free a village from a spellplague? Kill an undead giant? Whatever the objective is, this also feeds into your letter's objective. In most adventures you will have been hired by someone, so the idea is that you're relaying information back to them with your letters. Even if you're in the bowels of a dungeon, you're given a magical raven that delivers your letters. You need to tell them how far away you are from achieving your goal, theories you have about the dungeon/story and what has happened in that section.

Split the module into manageable sections

Most modules will be cut into parts, whether it's a wilderness section or new dungeon level. Take each logical part of the module and read through it. It doesn't matter if you know things you're not supposed to know, this will offer flavour and inspiration for your letters. If I have a dungeon, I'll split it by level. Or if it's a huge dungeon, I'll split into segments. The number of segments is important to determining your final score. You must have at least 5 sections in an adventure. The more sections, the more treasure, but also the more chance of dying.

Sections become your ink pots

For each section, create an ink pot of ten words using the words in that section. Nouns work well for this, particularly monster names, traps and items. Remember to have an inferior version of the word and superior version. So if I saw a beholder in one room, I might have eye monster/beholder as one word in the ink pot.

Score yourself after each section

So now we know a section is one letter. You will be scoring as you go, so score yourself after a section. The scores are:

5 or less: you have fallen afoul of something in the section. Lose either one item, or if you can't you perish.

6-9: you have scraped through and find 2d6gp

10+: you have told your tale of bravery well. Find 2d6gp x [section number]

Calculate your final score

If the majority of your scores were 5 or less, you have failed. Lose all items. If you cannot, you die.

If the majority of your scores were 6-9 or there was no majority, you have scraped through. Gain 1d6x[final section number] gp.

If the majority of your scores are 10+, you have had great success. Gain 3d6x[final section number]gp.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Quill: White Box - Warlock

A magic-user who pulls magic not from dusty tomes and yellowed scrolls, but from a pact made with the hellgods themselves is known as a Warlock. They wield a primal power, but walk a fine line between sanity and lunacy.

Warlocks in Quill: White Box are temperamental and often quite mad. They know that once their time has come their soul will be bound to the demon they made an agreement with, so they make every word count.

Penmanship: Poor
Language: Average
Heart: Good

Class Ability

Demonic Pact: At the beginning of the letter you may choose one attribute and roll two  dice. The highest result you roll is the automatic result for any test using that attribute in this letter. This cannot be re-rolled.

Brunnar the Mighty: Chapter II

When Brunnar opened his eyes he twisted and violently coughed up water onto the snow. He heard a familiar voice and felt a hand on his shoulder. Standing over him the blurry vision of Jotun came into view, who smiled, kissed the hammer-shaped talisman around his neck and thanked the gods. "It looks like the gods have seen fit to spare you, old friend," boomed Jotun, grinning. Brunnar sat up wearily and grasped his friend on the shoulder, laughing shakily. 
"I thought you had gone to the underworld," croaked Brunnar, his eyes gleaming at the sight of his comrade. "Should have known the underworld couldn't hold the likes of you." The two of them laughed, but the bitter wind wasn't letting up, so Jotun advised they find shelter for the night. It soon became clear that despite the experience the two broad-shouldered men had in the icy wilds, they couldn't be sure how far away their village was and how long it would take them to get there. 

Several hours had past in the blackest night Brunnar had experienced. The shivering wing hummed over the grey mountains which loomed to the west, a place that Brunnar knew to be the home of dread spirits in waiting for flesh. He prayed to Kaleetha, goddess of good fortune, that both he and his companion return safely to the village where his beautiful wife Freja would be waiting with open arms and soft lips. A nerve-shattering howl rang out in the dark and Jotun stopped dead in his tracks. "Wolves are abroad this night," he said in a hushed voice. Brunnar felt his back and realised with relief that his axe was still firmly strapped on. Through the cold and aching he had not noticed the weight of Northwind but he was glad to have it. 
"Then we shall have furs to keep us warm," said Brunnar with a grin. They continued their journey, though they knew not where they were going save for Jotun occasionally pointing out the brightest star in the sky. Soon the oppressive mountains were at their backs as Jotun guided the two of them further into the wasteland. 

A roar echoed in the darkness. Three hulking wolves crept out of the shadows, their backs hunched menacingly and rows of jagged teeth on full display. They were gargantuan beasts, twice the size of a normal wolf. "Doomwolves," whispered Jotun. He drew his blade though he feared that he could see little in the darkness. Brunner unlatched Northwind from his back and grasped the hand tightly. The wolves snapped their jaws and rumbled, closing ever in on the warriors. One leaped at Brunnar like a lightening flash, but his axe connected with its skull, throwing viscera onto the crisp snow. The wolf went limp, half of its head missing. "Come on then you dogs," cried Brunnar, "Come and greet the mighty Northwind." In the space of a heartbeat a second wolf pounced at Jotun, knocking the blade from his hand and pinning him with its mighty paws. The beast gnashed at him in a fiery rage while Jotun struggled to keep its mouth away from his throat. Brunnar swung Northwind in a brutal arc, catching the wolf on its flank and wounding it severely. Before he could land the killing blow he felt himself being forced to the ground, turning to see the ferocious muzzle of the third monstrous wolf. He thrust his axe hilt into the creature's maw  to prevent it from biting and looked back at Jotun, who, despite the wounds Brunnar had inflicted, was still being assaulted. Suddenly, Brunnar heard a loud yelp and craned his neck to see a massive pile of bloodied fur beside his friend. The wolf who was frantically trying to rend Brunnar's face was then tossed to the side in a cloud of blood. Something had killed them. Then Brunnar realised who their unlikely saviour was. A white bear towered over the dead wolf, its giant paws caked in blood. It turned to face the men, who gathered themselves in preparation for what was to come. The bear roared loud enough to bring down the mountains  and reared up, eyes fixed on its prey.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Brunnar the Mighty: Chapter I

Brunnar the Mighty is my first pulp story in the science fantasy tradition. Follow the entire story through the blog.

The blizzard wind blasted against the chapped skin of a hulking figure clothed in tattered bear furs, grasping in his massive hands a great axe he called Northwind. It had been three days since the rune warrior Brunnar had caught glimpse of a soul, though in his exhaustion there had been times when he thought he had spotted three figures hovering in the distance. He had surmised that these figures were not those of his living kin, but ghostly ancestors watching his plight through the vast snowy wastes of northern Krun. Ancestors only appeared to those who were nearing the end of their journey in this mortal realm, but even with this thought in his mind the goliath trudged onwards determined that this say wouldn't be his last. 

Four days ago Brunnar had every reason to be joyful. After a particularly fruitful raid on the Ytuk tribe, of whom his own Gortan tribe were sworn enemies, he and his companions spent their time on their return home aboard the longboat feasting, dancing and drinking wine. Brunnar and his lifelong friend Jotun traded stories of their childhood and tales of their many gods, chugging back their wineskins with laughter in their eyes. Jotun was a fierce warrior with dark skin and eyes like ice pools. The tattoos that adorned his body told the story of his ancestors, just like all adults men and women of the Gortan tribe. Despite Brunnar being two years Jotun's senior, he looked up to his friend as a wise and cunning man with a good heart.

Later that night a violet wind pummeled the longboat, sending icy waves thrashing over the sides. The men were tossed around like ragdolls, many cursing the Ytuk who they decided had cast an enchantment on the sea that night. In the frozen blackness the boat broke under the weight of a terrible wave, fractured in two pieces sending warriors to their depths in that damned abyss. Brunnar managed to keep his head above water as he clung onto a floating plank but he could not see his friend. He called Jotun's name through the chaotic din, but there came no response. He saw two shadowy figures close by bobbing in the water like buoys and heard the cries of his men. Before Brunnar could swim closer he felt the full force of another wave crash into his body, sending him into a spiral. He felt himself slipping down, down into the depths to meet the sea gods and merfolk of his mother's tales. He could see nothing now apart from the black void and could do nothing for his muscles were frozen. His mind went back to his wife and daughter waiting back home and the cooked stew that would be bubbling in the pot. He lost all sense of time as he drifted. His time had finally come. 

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Why I love old books (and 10 recommendations)

If someone were to ask me what my literary jam was, I'd answer pre-1970s horror, sci-fi and fantasy. More specifically, that sweet spot between the late 1800s and mid 1900s - the pulps.

For me this was the pinnacle of high adventure and horror experimentation, where science had not yet uncovered the atmosphere on Venus, so authors were free to set their stories on these alien worlds. These were the days of giants known and unknown at their time - Burroughs, Lovecraft, Howard, Machen, Poe, Carter, James, Ashton-Smith, Dunsany, Chambers, Hodgson. These authors became the cornerstones of genre fiction, paving the way towards the pop culture of today - from Sherlock to Star Wars, Alien to True Detective. The weight of these texts altered the future, in only ways the most significant creatives can do.

While I do read more contemporary authors, I always find myself cleansing the palette with the short stories of Algernon Blackwood, or the sublime Jack Vance. When I'm down I lose myself in The Tower of the Elephant, or cross the Mountains of Madness themselves to pick myself back up. The escapism older stories offer is something quite special and only achieved irregularly in contemporary fiction (Philip Pullman is a modern master of escapism - I highly recommend his latest book, La Belle Sauvage).

This isn't to say that I don't recognize the problematic aspects of these stories. Female characters with agency are few and far between, most of them relegated to list interests or not in the picture at all. Races other than Caucasian are usually treated either harshly or with novelty, with some authors being more xenophobic than others (looking at you, Lovecraft). This all makes some stories difficult to swallow and can taint an otherwise thrilling read. I don't suggest that any reader ignore these problems, nor do I think we should cast them out wholesale because of these issues as they can force us to reflect on our own values. It's good to be critical of otherwise fine work.

This brings me to the final part - recommendations. This isn't a definitive list, but instead I've noted some of my favourite authors and stories to keep you entertained.

The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe

Those who may not have read Poe beyond The Raven might believe him to be a 'safe' horror writer. After all, how can stories written so long ago still strike fear into our hearts a century later? But Poe is a master of terror and his work is every bit as fresh and frightening as it was back in the day. The Pit and the Pendulum is a claustrophobic tale that stuck in my gut long after reading it. In this story of a Spanish Inquisition torture victim, Poe manipulates the senses to evoke a horrific scenario - so much so that you'll feel like you're right there in the dark with him.

The King in Yellow by Robert W Chambers

Chambers is my favourite writer of weird fiction and it's a shame he didn't stick with it. The King in Yellow is a collection of short stories, four of which are tied to what we now call the Carcosa mythos. The common thread running through these stories is a play called The King in Yellow, which, after reading the second act, breaks people's minds. The universe Chambers creates with the sinister yellow signs, the dim city of Carcosa, lake Hali and the titular monarch, is cruel and terrifying, and a big influence on Lovecraft. Essential reading for those interested in weird horror. Read them all.

The Fortress Unvanquishable Save for Sacnoth by Lord Dunsany

Without Dunsany we may have never had Tolkien, that's how important he was to the fantasy genre. Dunsany's prose are lush and musical, making his melancholic dreamlike stories of fantasy a joy to read. The Fortress Unvanquishable is arguably the first sword and sorcery story ever. In it, a young hero must face trials, defeat an iron dragon to forge a sword to face down an evil wizard in his tower to stop nightmares from plaguing his village. Absolutely stunning.

The Tower of the Elephant by Robert E Howard

If Dunsany started the sword and sorcery genre, Howard perfected it and The Tower of the Elephant is a masterclass. Conan has discovered that hidden away in the tower of an evil sorceror is a jewel called the Heart of the Elephant, so he decides to steal it. This is heart-pounding adventure at its best, with giant spiders, a prince of thieves, lions, and a pretty great ending.

The Willows by Algernon Blackwood

Even Lovecraft himself said that in The Willows Blackwood had crafted the perfect weird fiction story and I have to agree. This is plodding, creeping terror at its best. Two travellers canoe up the Danube and find themselves in the heart of a tale of cosmic terror where the trees themselves create an oppressive atmosphere and where strange things are occurring. Unsettling and unforgettable - one of the greatest horror stories ever told.

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

At last, a female author! Published in 1892, The Yellow Wallpaper is a psychological horror story about the wife of a physician who, after a hysterical episode, is forbidden from working. They rent a mansion, where she spends her time in a room with bars on the window, covered in yellow wallpaper. After lack of stimulation she begins to lose her mind, believing there is a woman living in the wallpaper. This culminates is a creepy as hell ending.

Dagon by H.P Lovecraft

This is the shortest story on the list and one readers will probably have already read, but for me this is distilled Lovecraft. A sailor finds himself on a once-sunken island containing an obelisk that tells a tale of strange fish people and their awful god. Then the massive creature emerges and scares the shit out of him. The ending, after awaking in hospital is one of my favourites from Lovecraft.

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Knowing my readers, I'd imagine a fair few have already read this, but as the pinnacle in sword and planet stories, it's worth a re-read. John Carter, a soldier in the civil war, finds himself wounded in a cave and is visited by a mysterious creature and transported to Mars (or Barsoom), which hosts a semi-medieval feudal society of warring aliens. It's a story of fast-paced action - gladiatorial combat, treachery, battling white apes, romance - this has it all. So much better than the Disney flick.

The Novel of the Black Seal by Arthur Machen

Tentacles. Check. Ancient forgotten creatures. Check. A strange child who isn't what he seems. Check. Those might sound like the themes behind a Lovecraft story, but Machen did it all first with The Novel of the Black Seal. Deep in the Welsh hills hides a race of strange creatures with their own language and the story sees the protagonist slowly uncovering the nature of these beings as well as a strange boy. Lovecraft borrowed heavily from this story, particularly with The Shadow over Innsmouth, The Dunwich Horror and At the Mountains of Madness.

The Dying Earth by Jack Vance

I can't choose a single story from The Dying Earth, so read them all. Each story revolves around our world thousands of years in the future where the sun is at the end of its lifespan. Stories are loosely connected, revolving around magic (yep, this is where Vancian magic comes from in D&D). The plots and characters are nuts, dealing with miniature wizards and people with names like Chun the Unavoidable. But seriously, these stories are awesome, especially for roleplaying fans.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Thuruun - people of the wyrm

Under the red sun where the black mount spears the sky and golden eagles screech their dusk hymns, the people of the wyrm work. Neither fully human nor fully dragon, the people of the wyrm possess the rugged bodies of man with the scaly necks and heads of lizards. Black, gold, white, scarlet and azure these beings cloak themselves in, their lush scales commanding attention from even the most haughty of nobles.

By the eyes of the moon they take flight, riding solemn winds over the shadow realm. The day walkers call them Thuruun and they are venerated by those with sense, for the Thuruun leave great emerald eggs in village greens each solstice as a gift to their followers. Their flight is accompanied by the sound of flutes playing songs lost in time, which the gods once sang in the fair fields below. 

The Thuruun are the greatest of magicians whose magic emanates from the magma within the black mount. Monthly they must sup on the magma in the communion of the wyrm and fill their bellies with heat. Once at full vigour they write annual runes in their cavernous homesteads so that should a wandering daywalker, curious and adventurous, came upon their homes, it would be as if naught was there. 

In the old days of darkness the Thuruun took up arms against the treacherous god Kom who would destroy all dragonkind. For seventy years they cast runes on their mighty foe, gouged him with obsidian spears of Theth and sliced him with scimitars of the Four Sands. When Kom fell there was great rejoicing, but a decision was made by the Thuruun to never pick up arms again, for too much blood had been shed. To this day the Thuruun elders in their ancient wisdom do not allow weapons and in peace they live. Those who forsake their elders and leave the black mount in search of adventure and treasure are labelled Skaff and are not heeded or seen. 

Sunday, 28 January 2018

More magic items for In Darkest Warrens

Some more magic items for In Darkest Warrens.

Stone of Banishment: this powerful mineral has been blessed by the seers of the fifth divine, with the ability to send evil to the Broken Dimension. Use as an action to send a single target per day with 5 wounds or fewer into the Broken Dimension.

Gloves of Fluidity: activating the oceanic power imbued in these gloves allows the wearer to become water themselves for up to 10 minutes. In fluid form they can think and move, but cannot speak.

Rod of Angel Summoning: the ivory celestial rod of Omega, cast down from the heavens into the world. Once per day the weilder may summon for the Omega Angel, Seriphanes to aid for rounds equal to class level. Stats are: 4+, 5 wounds, special action: opponent must test Nimble or become blinded for a round.

Talisman of Fasting: while wearing this talisman you do not have to eat. You must still drink.

Ring of Tigershape: sporting a gleaming tigers eye gemstone, this silver ring allows the wearer to transform into a tiger once per day for a number of minutes equal to their class level. They can still comprehend others, but cannot speak. Stats are: Rune Tiger, 3+, wounds as original character, special action: a target must test brawn. If they fail, they take 2 wounds and are pinned. If they are already pinned, they must test brawn to become unpinned. While pinning, the tiger does 2 wounds per attack.

Bracelet of Remote Sight: crafted by the octopoid psychics of the Singing Mountain, the bracelet allows the wearer to select a target in line of sight and see through their eyes as if they were the target. Using an action they can maintain the sight for up to a minute per class level.

Racemask: wearing this wooden mask, cut by the Evershaman of the Dimlands, lets the wearer change their race to any other player race. They temporarily gain the ability of that race. The mask can be worn once per day for 10 minutes per class level.

Curious about In Darkest Warrens? It's a minimalist game inspired by the OSR, written on two pages. The core rules contain everything you need to play, including a bestiary and an adventure.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Assassin's guild generator

I was actually trying to come up with my own assassin's guild name today and realised I haven't created a generator for this. What an oversight.

First part of the name: Roll d10

1. Shadow
2. Black
3. Crimson
4. Whispering
5. Invisible
6. Skull
7. Doom
8. Hidden
9. Deadly
10. Silent

Second part of the name: d10

1. Daggers
2. Serpent
3. Chalice
4. Dragon
5. Hand
6. Eye
7. Hounds
8. Spectres
9. Rats
10. Shard

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Kingdom of Thaw - In Darkest Warrens


Wolfguard - 5 wounds, Special: You have a wolf companion who you control. When you level up, the Wolf's wounds increases by 1. Stats are: Wolf, 5+, 3 wounds, melee, special action: the wolf may move and attack as part of the same action.

Frost Mage - 3  wounds, Special: may use frost spells.

Frost spells (useable once per combat)

Freeze ground - you freeze a 20ft square on the ground. Anyone ending their turn in this square must Test Nimble or fall prone and take 1 damage. The square lasts for 2 rounds per class level.

Frost bolt - you do 1 damage and paralyse a target for 1 round per class level. The enemy may test nimble to ignore the paralysis.

Ice shield - your armour increases by 1 wound for 1 round per class level.


Tundra Dwarf: you gain +1 to all tests when outside in a snowy environment.

Frost Elf: you may cast ice shield as a level 1 spell once per combat.

Blue Orc: animal companions gain a +1 bonus to attacks.

Creatures of the Thaw

Frost giant, 4+, 7 wounds, melee, special action: may use an action to throw a boulder. Target must test nimble or take 2 damage.

Shivering skeleton, 5+, 4 wounds, melee/ ranged, special action: target within line of site must test mind. If unsuccessful they must move their full movement away from the Shivering skeleton.

Crystal savage, 3+, 6 wounds, melee, special action: may use an action to make a second attack against an another adjacent target.

Doom raven, 4+, 5 wounds, melee, special action: may teleport from one location to another within line of site.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Goblins of Gibbering Vale

Goblins of the Gibbering Vale have no names. They are identified by the type of fungus growing off the top of their head. When they die the mushroom erupts into spores that, if inhaled, the victim inflates and floats until they deflate 4d6 ft up.

Their preferred weapons are petrified birds - stuck on top of a stick into a 'birdspear' or fashioned into arrows. They keep a basilisk to craft their weapons (walking through the Vale goblin 'statues' dot the landscape).

They live in dirt traps beneath the soil, using their sensitive hearing to ambush travellers above them.

Gibbering Vale Goblin, 5+, 2 wounds, melee, special action: after reaching 0 wounds the goblin automatically triggers a spore eruption. Anyone within 5ft of the goblin must test Nimble or inflate, rising 4d6 ft before falling. They must take 1 wound for every 10ft they fall.

(Stat block for In Darkest Warrens).

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Legendary Quills

I hope you're having fun with Quill: White Box this weekend. Part of what I wanted to do with this game is offer some supplemental material right on this blog. Some of it will be experimental, but all of it should be pretty fun.

Today I wanted to introduce Legendary Quills. These three quills have been forged by powerful mage scribes of ancient times. They are not available in the Moon Market - they are rare and powerful.

You can be in with a chance of receiving one of these quills by achieving 15 points in any of the adventures in the book. If you do, you must roll a die. On a 5 or 6, you are visited by the spirit of a mage scribe and given one of the quills below (your choice):

Warlock's Quill - made from a griffon feather, automatically succeed all Language rolls. 10 uses

Ghost Quill - a quill that writes itself. Automatically succeed all Penmanship rolls. 10 uses.

Angelic Quill - a quill created from an angel's wing. Automatically succeed all Heart rolls. 10 uses.

Quill: White Box is out now

Quill: White Box is a new way to play the award-winning Quill letter-writing solo roleplaying game, inspired by the original version of the famous fantasy game. 

For the first time, create a classic fantasy character from classes like fighter, cleric, thief, elf and dwarf, each with its own special ability to help you on your letter-writing adventures. Use the same character through multiple adventures, gaining treasure and magical items like enchanted perfumes and hypnotic parchment to give you the edge.

Quill: White Box features five new fantasy adventures:
  • The Demon-Haunted Tower - find a way into a mysterious tower that is slowly draining the life from a surrounding village.
  • The Elven Princess - bring two lovers together from different worlds.
  • Uncharted Waters - convince an old enemy to raise an ancient pirate from the dead in order to reveal a hidden isle.
  • Fane of the Underking - get your incredible story of dungeon-crawling heroism picked up in the city gazette.
  • The Beast of Nightwood - create a field journal documenting the existence of a mythical creature.
Treasure, fame and adventure are all yours with Quill: White Box - download now. Note that you must have the Quill core rules to play. 

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Quill White Box coming soon

Over the past week I've been posting some ideas for what I've called Quill White Box - basically playing Quill in a D&D style world. The more I posted, the more people were interested in the idea so I've decided to flesh it out into a supplement.

Quill White Box is a new way to experience the award-winning solo roleplaying game. Create a character based on the core classes from the original RPG, each with their own distinct ability. For example, clerics bless the parchment they're writing on, magic-users enchant their ink and thieves can forge documents.

In Quill White Box you will be collecting treasure and finding magical items on your adventures. Visit the market to buy supplies and occasionally the Moon Market to peruse magic items like enchanted perfume and hypnotic parchment.

Yes - true to the original game, you can die a horrible death of you're not careful.

The book will include five adventures - from bringing old pirates back from the dead to helping two lovers in need.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Quill White Box - The Market

Quill White Box gives players the opportunity to us the same characters in different adventures and spend their fat loot. Here's the marketplace for spending said loot.

King's parchment - a smooth premium paper favoured by the aristocracy. +1 to Penmanship rolls. 5gp per sheet (1 sheet equals one adventure).

Rose sealing wax - scented wax for sealing a letter. Ten uses. You may add 1 point at the end of a letter for each use. 20gp

Cinder ink - Cinder is the finest ink maker in the land. A pot of ink has 10 uses. You may reroll any number of penmanship tests up to the number of uses you have left and keep the highest number. 80gp

Velur's Magnificent Thesaurus - Velur is one of the greatest linguistic scholars working today and her Thesaurus is sought after by poets, novelists and playwrights. +1 to all Language rolls. 200gp.

Pelon's perfume - a delicious scent for any occasion. Spraying this perfume on your letter will only enhance the reader's experience. 10 uses. You may reroll any Heart tests up to the number of uses you have left and keep the highest number. 90gp.

Quill White Box adventure: The Demon-Haunted Tower

Characters found here.

Nothing has been the same since the appearance of the obsidian tower near Swanvale village. Crops have spontaneously combusted, animals are running amok and people are growing weak and pale. Landlord Reginald Finnegan says a wizard lives there. Others say it's a demon spirit in the form of an old man. They do agree that he must be stopped.

To gain entry, you must discover what aura of magic surrounds the tower. For this you require a certain book on magical fortifications for the city library.

Profile: you are writing to the librarian Guhlo Chom, and old acquaintance who holds many a rate book. The Spire Libiris is one of his prized books and this is just what you need. You must try and convince him to lend you the book, which is not strictly for lending, explaining the situation and possibly trying to appease his ego.

Rules of correspondence: a fellow magical scholar has an advantage here. +1 to Language rolls for Magic-users and elves.

Ink pot:

Building/ Obsidian tower
Trees/ Haunted Forest
Village/ Swanvale
Magician/ Weaver of magics
Book/ Tome
Scared/ Drenched in fear
Dead crops/ Scorched wheat
Magic defence/ Glyph-based aura
Librarian/ Keeper of Tomes
Kill/ Slay


Fewer than 5 points: Guhlo does not return your letter and certainly doesn't send you a book for your sloppy letter that offended him greatly. You decide against your better judgement and head to the tower. No sooner have you tried to enter the door than your bloody body is propelled away from the door, hitting an oak trunk hard, splitting your skull open. You are dead.

6-8 points: Guhlo wishes you well but cannot send you the book. Instead he has scratched out a relevant page from the book to help you. This should be enough to get you in, but you worry about once you're inside. You gather your equipment and head to the tower. At the great black door you use the page to dispel a Rune of Dread Propulsion and enter. You fight several shadow beasts before falling into the pit of a monstrous dire bear. You manage to just escape with your life and ascend the tower. Because you didn't have the book, you were unable to identify all the magic traps in the tower, so found yourself being burned, stabbed and gassed, but managing to stay alive to meet your enemy. The showdown with the wizard Zenkhit lasts seemingly an age as he floats through the room, eyes sparking, hair aflame, lobbies bolts at you. You learn he is a wizard with aspirations of becoming the first interdimensional being, but must use his tower to feed in the life force of all around him to power its engine. Despite his power you finally best him and he agrees to leave and never return. You gain 5gp.

9+ points: Guhlo is ecstatic with your letter and sends you the book at once. After a night of study you head out to the tower, deftly dealing with the Rune if Dread Propulsion on the black door. You dispatch of several shadow beasts but soon find yourself in a pit with a dire bear. Or is it that it is trapped in there with you? You make short work of the hairy hulk and climb out. You ascend, taking care of a range of magical traps, from flamethrowing statutes to wards that keep away warn blooded creatures. Eventually you reach the wizard's room. The showdown with the wizard Zenkhit is quick. He floats through the room, eyes sparking, hair aflame, lobbies bolts at you. You learn he is a wizard with aspirations of becoming the first interdimensional being, but must use his tower to feed in the life force of all around him to power its engine. Despite his power you make short work of slaying him. You gain 10gp and a Warlock's Quill (3 uses: +2 to Penmanship roll).

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Quill: White Box

I wanted to create a short Quill hack for letter-writing adventures in an OD&D world.


Battle-hardened, tough and muscular. Fighters bring the pain on the field, but don't shy away from exposing their heart when writing.

Heart: Good
Penmanship: Average
Language: Poor


Weavers of the great magical web. Scholars, geniuses and often loners. Magic users are eloquent, speaking with gravitas and confidence on many subjects.

Heart: Poor
Penmanship: Average
Language: Good


It's not what the message looks like, but the words in it. Clerics put others before themselves and help those in need at all times.

Heart: Good
Penmanship: Poor
Language: Average


From the great undermount, dwarves have an intricate way with words, though being used to scratching runes it can be difficult to understand their writing.

Heart: Average
Penmanship: Poor
Language: Good


Elves boast the most beautiful script - flowing and organic. However they tend to be cold and logical, with others often perceiving their communications the wrong way.

Heart: Poor
Penmanship: Good
Language: Average


Country bumpkins who enjoy the good life. They have no time for long letters, but they learnt their script from the elves, making their rare missives something to behold.

Heart: Average
Penmanship: Good
Language: Poor

Special abilities (use once per scenario)

Eloquence: +2 to Language roll
Illumination: +2 to Penmanship roll
Scented page: +2 to Heart roll

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Estagor - the Midden Barrows

Estagor is a dark fantasy setting for use with In Darkest Warrens, but feel free to crib for your own game.

The Midden Barrows are a place of rotten desolation. A complex of ancient tombs created by the Gobber hordes in the world's infancy, still writhing with life - or un-life - to this day. The sun can never shine on the barrows, not when the yellow fog rolls over the land during the daylight hours and dissipates at night.

The Queen of Never is the monarch of the barrow now, coated in raven feathers and crowned in pig sinew she walks these ways in search of meat. She speaks softly to the crows that form around her, their beaks caked in dry blood. Occasionally she chews the head off one, crunching its skull and lapping it's juices with a long grey tongue.

Queen of Never, 4+, 8 wounds, special action: the Queen of Never is joined by four crows. As an action she can grab a crow and devour it, regaining 1 wound.

The Queen is not the only thing a wander need fear out on the barrows at night. The Bloodghast is a name that lives in folklore throughout Estagor - the rotted creature with the head of a demented stag and the body of a human, its feet cloven hooves and it's hands extended into needle claws. Often the last thing a traveller hears is it's dirge of a call on the decaying breeze. The Bloodghast will tear open your ribs and eat your innards with you still watching.

Bloodghast, 3+, 7 wounds, special action: the Bloodghast has a paralysing tongue. In melee range it can use an action to lick an opponent. The opponent must test Brawn (difficult) or become paralyzed for 2 rounds.

Beneath the surface lies a warren of evil. Gobber ghouls and other undead being shuffle in the dark places of the world, defending their ancient treasures. Elves become particularly uneasy down here, calling for frequent brawn tests or spending minutes in a panic.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Another High - a cyberpunk adventure seed

Pisces A isn't on any official record. Don't think that you won't get dragged into a shuttered room and have your grey matter splattered for just mentioning the name. It's all within the Pineapple CEO's augmented brain.

It's about music. Imagine GlowNet users with Pineapple hardware getting a new kind of euphoria from dance beats. Pisces A is a new kind of tech drug in testing. Activate the neuro-wave enhancer and enter a new world triggered by club music. No more Zim pills. No more Hotshot. Instead, a safe drug alternative that makes you feel ten times better without the morning comedown. 

Now imagine how wrong these tests can go. 

Group Alpha showed initial promise. They experienced the ecstasy predicted in a thirty minute stim. One woman vomited, but that was fine. One guy went blind, but it was good enough as a trial. It's what happened later that was fucked up. 

A young woman, a tube dolly by trade, couldn't sleep. After day 6 of restlessness she grew spindly legs from her abdomen, her neck cracking and contorting, lips drawing back to reveal massive incisors. Pineapple sent five low grade gunners to her shanty apartment on Grover Ave. None reported back. What's more is that other things were reported - more creatures. They called them Skullers, on the count that they ripped out your fucking skull. PR disaster.

Skullers, android spider people who feed on face bone, 3+, 6 wounds, Special action: opponent must check nimble (difficult). On a failure, their head is grabbed, taking 1 wound. They may try to escape as an action with a nimble test (difficult). If a Skullers has already grabbed a victim's head they may use a special action to rip their skull out. 

The adventure? Take down the Skullers and don't let the trail lead to Pineapple. The twist? Pisces B is in full beta test with even more disasterous results. Same Skullers - but now music makes them stronger. Shit. 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The wretch that came from the sea

Do not stray near the Grey Wash, many a rosy cheeked infant has been told. That's where the people of the deep wander looking for their next meal. Their hair is of weed and their eyes of pearls. Their teeth are fish hooks and their webbed hands suck the cliff face allowing them to ascend the sheer rock. 

Like the barnacle fishers they have their own shanties they drone as they climb - guttural tales of licking the juices from the eyes of children and crack snapping the bones of men. 

The sea wretches are begat of trolls having mated with the blasphemous sea god Llundwall. Sometimes their spawn jelly floats near to the shore where it is harvested for its aphrodisiac qualities. Those who use the jelly (Aphorite) wind up going into the inky blackness for the remainder of their days.

The sea wretches clutch tridents crafted from megalodon bone. They blow horns that produce a thick fog whose fingers creep over the shore. They are attracted to the smell of lavender and can smell it from a hundred leagues. 

Monday, 8 January 2018

The Sundered Wolds

The wolf things settled in the Sundered Wolds three centuries ago, erecting obelisks of giant bone and man meat that kept the twisted angels at bay with their screaming spears and blind masks. This is a description of the different areas in the Wolds for your perusal.

Fairy Trap

The wolf things season their meat with magic and so have set a plant trap for the nearby trooper fairies. The mouth of the plant contains the finest silk, and a fairy can't resist to touch it, only to be clamped and ground into a paste.

Guur Circle

The Guur tribe are few but ancient. Their customs dictate that once per green moon they join hands and raise the great millipede from its den. It feasts upon the eyes of the worthy before expunging a carapace shell used to fashion skull totems. These totems dot the landscape, causing non Guur who are near to vomit nightmares.


A village on the border of dreams. Unlikely beings come and go from the village well, though no mortals descend there. The elder to Kun, barbarian of the dawn. His horns blaze in the sun and his eyes can see time itself. 

The Skarp

A beach where skeletons crawl from the sand in search of tongues. The sea is red like wine and ghosts of ships float overheard illuminated in green.

Grib's Hollow

An old goblin living in an ancient tree. His arms are crafted of steel. He strings up wildcats on the branches to attract the Wub birds who carry a sweet nectar that is his drug. Grib is in love with every elf he sees.

Cave of Lat

They do not speak of the cave. To speak of it is to invite its denizens into your mind. The Putzees are winged shadows with single yellow eyes on a stalk. They chitter and purr, leaving the cave in search of wandering thoughts. 

The Old Ship

Washed ashore, a wreck where Puck Puck birds lay their black eggs that erupt into clouds of poison ash when touched. The old captain resides here sucking on anemones and whispering to a map who occasionally whispers back. 

Bortle's Wood

The god Bortle sleeps in the canopies - part bee, part horse. He sings at the dawn a song that causes the Zib flowers to vomit forth a golden ale called Neth's Elixir, famed for its gender-altering properties. The centaurs of the wood guard their world with ferocity, their queen Shifanavala being the most beautiful and deadly creature of the Wold. 

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Destiny Quest returns with Raiders of the Dune Sea Kickstarter

Probably the fattest gamebook series I've ever read was Destiny Quest, a current trilogy that's soon to hopefully become a quadrilogy with Raiders of the Dune Sea.

Megara Entertainment is helming the new fundraising effort for the next book and if you're a fan of solo gaming but haven't heard of DQ I highly recommend you check it out. The books are set up like action RPGs like Diablo - you go from map to map getting loot and optimising your character. The build here is part of the fun of the game, with classes and sub-classes to become. The Kickstarter also includes some exclusive items cards that don't feature in the book, but once you meet the criteria you can pick them up, along with a new downloadable dungeon to add to the game.

Stuart Lloyd has done an interview with Ward delving further into the new book, which promises to be pretty brutal.

Support the Kickstarter.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

The Woodcut Dungeon from Hell

This is the dungeon of Olaus Magnus, High Dread Sorceror of the Seventh Spire. He was said to have died years ago, leaving his fortification ripe for plundering. Nearby monarchs are trying to lay claim to the dungeon and the magical treasures within. Unbeknownst to them, on his deathbed Magnus made a pact with Thanuu, a demon of the pestilence realm. Now Magnus lives as a half beast, gathering his forces to invade nearby kingdoms and bring them under the rule of Thanuu.

Madness is claiming the settlement around the dungeon. Thanuu is creating visions of pestilence in people's minds. They are heavily religious and have taken to self-flagellation. Trying to stop them will cause them to attack - but they welcome a beating from the religious.

This is Gimlet Sneeve, a rogue, rabble-rouser and drunk. He is posing as a monk to get villagers to pay him for blessings. If he's rumbled, he'll help the PCs get into the dungeon and will join the for a cut. At some point reveal he's a werebear. As a clue, villagers have been found torn apart. Some report a hairy beast prowling the moors they call a devil. He doesn't know he's a werebear.

Balthazar is the demonic blacksmith in the dungeon, creating infernal weapons for Thanuu's soldiers. He wants human bone and hair to will forge a morbid blade. If PCs refuse, he will try to make the blade from their bodies.

Kunoth of the Bells is a demon in the warped chapel, blackened from demon bile. Each bell rung causes a different effect:

1. 1d6 PCs become sexually aroused by the smell of demon bile and smear it on themselves. This can attract fester devils.
2. The ringer grows a single horn tipped with black mamba venom
3. 1d4 PCs must make a constitution save or equivalent or fall pregnant with a demon that comes to term in 1d6 hours, tearing them apart and devouring their corpse
4. The PCs are teleported into a pit of demon feces.

Savnoc the Elder One wishes to feast on fester beasts, but the PCs will do nicely. Throwing an item into its hat enchants it, allowing the user to smell secret doors (they smell like wet moss).

Olaus Magnus sits on his damned throne. He is particularly weak to venom or the blessings of the clergy. He claws eyes out and lays hexagonal eggs that hatch into fester demons. All he wants to do is die, but Thanuu won't allow it.

Thanuu makes an appearance once Magnus is killed, or decides against killing the PCs. He has the appearance of a blasphemous bishop. The face on his chest can hypnotise PCs to believe they are babies again. He can fly, cast sleep and cause two or more fester demons to merge into a Dreadwalker - which feeds on wisdom.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Monster Brains

I discovered this blog when I was researching art by Sidney Sime (Dunsany's artist). Monster Brains is all about that sweet monster art of yore. I'd recommend getting lost in there one afternoon.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Bogles for Romance of the Perilous Land

Before Duergar appeared in D&D, they were part of the rich tapestry of English folklore. I've taken my own liberties with the folklore of this one for added gameplay opportunities.

Duergar, or Bogles, are ugly grey wild dwarves found across the Perilous Land. They wear lambskin and smell of ammonia. They carry copper lanterns with them in order to lead travellers astray in the dark, causing them to mis-step and often drown in a bog or stumble into a ravine.

Bogles are malevolent beings that disappear before the dawn. They secret themselves away in dirt warrens and lay still until the night comes. Should one be unearthed during the daylight they are entirely vulnerable and can be killed with a swift blow.

Bogle blood is a potent poison, causing severe vomiting and amnesia. After 1d6 days, the victim must make an endurance save or lose 2d10 hp and be unable to recall anything from the past month. Smearing it on your door keeps spirits away from your home for up to a year.

Clues that a Bogle is near:

- milk sours
- the jackdaw does not crow
- trees bend in strange ways
- ammonia whiff

HD 3 (13)
Attack: Claw
Special: Bogles can render themselves near invisible when in the darkness. Anyone attempting to attack the creature must make a Mind saving throw to harm it. If it is unsuccessful, there is a 75% chance the attack will miss. If a Bogle is exposed to natural sunlight it may be killed if it takes at least 1 hp of damage.