Sunday 22 December 2013

20 new oddities for Numenera

Pique your players' curiosities with some new oddities

I don't see a tonne of people talking about Numenera in the RPG blogosphere, which is a shame because it's a fantastic game. One of the best parts about it from the players' perspective is finding random crap and trying to figure out just what the flying monkeysauce it could be. That being said, here's 20 new oddities for your players to stumble across.


1. A metallic sphere that sounds a chime every 28 hours
2. A smooth glass tube that emits a point of light
3. A sheet of fabric that whispers the word 'Liffen'
4. A tiny metallic box that opens on a full moon
5. A soft cushion that never gets warm
6. A thin piece of metal that turns into a liquid at night
7. A small statue of a woman that emits a red pulsing light
8. A tiny scarf
9. A thin tube that echoes a voice an hour after speaking
10. A glass prism with an insect inside
11. A jar of polished stones
12. A small model of a boat
13. A blue dog's paw
14. A small sack of gears
15. A plastic cone that ticks when someone is hungry
16. A metallic cuboid that heats up when someone sings
17. A small sheet of plastic with an X on it
18. A fiberglass wheel that emits steam every 7 days
19. A cloak that changes colour every day
20. A tiny robotic hand

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