Tuesday 17 December 2013

The Krampus - a Yuletide monster for Halberd Fantasy Roleplaying

He knows when you are sleeping...and he's coming to get you!

I've just read Tim Snider's Krampus over at The Savage Afterworld and thought I'd Shia LaBeouf it. Not really, but I think it's a nifty villian for a Halberd Fantasy game this festive season (download it free, ya filthy animal).

The Krampus
Level 4
Action: d8
Wits: d8
Ego: d10
Hits: 20

Attack:  Goat stomp +3
Defence: Tough hide -2

Specialisms: Terrifying +2 (Ego), Stealth +3 (Wits)

Sure, the Krampus could just be a story to tell children to keep them out of mischief. Maybe it's just a cautionary tale for bad kids and something for good ones to look forward to every year. Still, it's quite strange how hundreds of children disappear ever year on that fateful night and how many swear they heard the clip clop of cloven hooves on their bedroom floor.

Go on, slap this guy in your Yuletide game. Have him sneak up on the party and just start stomping them to oblivion while crying out in a mad blood rage. After all, isn't that the reason for the season?

Possible Krampus story hooks:

  • The children in a juvenile prison all disappear without a trace on Winternight. They have been taken to the Krampus realm where they are made to mine for nightmares.
  • The annual Winternight pageant is underway as a group of children compete for the esteemed title of Winterkin. But when they start disappearing one by one it seems that one of them is hiding a dark secret - they have obtained the Black Cup of the Krampus, able to summon him at will to do their bidding. This will not work out well for them.
  • Winternight in Highbridge is the most tense night of the year. People barricade their doors and windows in a hope to not be killed by the Krampus. The PCs are hired to sort out the situation once and for all.

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