Saturday 21 December 2013

Fill their Christmas stockings with goodies from Trollish Delver Games

Deck the halls with Urook innards, fa la la la la...

Ho ho ho, it's Christmas! No doubt you've already done most of your shopping by now but there's always time for a quick 'stocking filler' before the big day. Trollish Delver Games has everything the Tunnels & Trolls fan in your life desires, including solos, GM adventures and other shiny things.

First up, Depths of the Devilmancer. This is a solitaire adventure for 7.x and 5th editions of the game. People are going missing in Port Gloomstorm and it's up to you to get to the bottom of it. This devilishly good adventure is only 61p! Get it now.

Next, a solo adventure that's a little bit different. Thornguard is the first solo set in the Peakvale setting, an adventure that allows you to have free roam of the great city of Thornguard. Become a town guard, a sneaky thief, or even a holy warrior and more. Randomly generated quests and jobs allow you to continue your adventure indefinitely. It's only £1.22, so get in now!

Onto GM adventures now and if you're looking for a little Lovecraft pulp adventure in your game then look no further than It Came From Beyond The Stars! the first in the Peakvale GM series from Peryton Publishing and Trollish Delver Games. Explore the dingy side of the city with Hot Nights in Lowhollow before heading out into the wild with the two-part adventure No Fences to Mend and Temple of the Hag. Then if you're in for a little classic gothic horror then Death at Grimwood Hall is right up your street. Phew, that's a lot of bang for your buck!

Now here's a treat for the GM in your life. The Trollmanac is a veritable treasure trove of goodies for your T&T game, with new kindred, character types, magic items, guides and a whole lot more. For just £1 this is a steal this holiday season!

It's just common sense isn't it?

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