Monday 16 December 2013

The Gongchong advises that you play Island of the Lizard King for iOS

Tin Man Games continues its domination of the digital gamebook market with the release of Island of the Lizard King for iOS. 

All is not rosy for the men of Oyster Bay, who have been kidnapped and enslaved by the vicious Lizard Men of Fire Island. They are led by the mad Lizard King, who just loves using black magic to control his mutant minions. Now YOU must venture onto the island and free the prisoners or die trying. Hint: you will likely die trying.

Yep, the folks at Tin Man have worked their usual awesome magic on the classic Ian Livingstone book. The artwork looks lush as hell, but if you're a nostalgic grognard you can play a version with black and white illustrations. 

I remember the original book being really tough if you went anywhere but the intended path. Seriously, you'd get your arse handed to you by all sorts of mutants and headhunters on Fire Island. I'm looking forward to reliving the experience on my tablet.


Island of the Lizard King is available to download from the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store for Android.
This guy! I call him Master Skullcrotch

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