Thursday 12 December 2013

Board game Christmas gift guide

Christmas is upon us apparently, so here's a rundown of some of the best board games to buy this holiday season.

But I know how difficult it can be to buy for some people and let's face it, you don't want to be stuck giving them yet another Amazon voucher, right? Lucky for you I've got some suggestions for the board gamer in your life right here in this very article.

Risk: Legacy
What do you get if you take Risk and make it a billion times more awesome? You'd get Risk: Legacy, that's what. You begin with the familiar map board, but this time your actions affect the world permanently and the board and rules evolve as you play through the campaign. Players will found cities, launch missiles, name continents and affect the very land they play on with 'scars'. New missions appear as you play along with new win conditions, meaning that every game is completely different. This is a favourite of my friends and I and I highly recommend it for gamers with a tactical mind.

The Resistance

Party games can be a lot of fun, but none are quite like The Resistance. Players take on the role of resistance fighters in a future war attempting to complete missions. However, there are members of the resistance who are actually spies hidden within the ranks. The spies' job is to sabotage the missions without getting caught while the real members of the resistance root out the weasels. If you like your games with a healthy serving of paranoia then The Resistance is for you.


If this game doesn't have one of the most placid concepts then I don't know what does. Players take on the role of gardeners for the Japanese emperor, who has been bestowed a gift in the form of a panda. The players must grow bamboo and irrigate their crops while the mischievous panda roams around munching on anything in sight. Players complete objectives as dictated by random cards, such as growing three bamboo shoots or matching three of a certain kind of tile. The winner is the person with the most points after a predetermined number of objectives have been completed. This is such a lovely game to play with adults and kids alike.

Elder Sign
What would a board game list be without a Lovecraft-inspired game? For those who have player Arkham Horror, Elder Sign will be quite familiar. The idea is that players are investigating a museum looking for titular Elder Signs in order to prevent one of the Old Ones from arriving on Earth and devouring us all. The game is more of a card game and can even be played solo. Definitely one for horror fans.

Munchkin Quest

Munchkin Quest is a game about kicking down doors, killing monsters and taking their stuff. Based on the card game Munchkin, MQ is a fully-realised board game where players explore a dungeon by laying down tiles and taking on the evil nasties that lurk within. All the while they will be getting screwed over by their fellow players with curse cards, new monsters and generally anything that could aid the monsters in killing their opponent. Not a game for the easily annoyed.

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