Thursday 19 December 2013

Batman Vs Superman may have just been saved by the writer of Argo

Can a new screenwriter stop Bats Vs Supes from becoming a fustercluck?

If you've read stuff I've written about Batman Vs Superman in the past then you'll know that my stance is one of caution. Like, this could really suck, and not because of Affleck either. It's more the Snyder and Goyer team up, the former being a one-note director and the latter being a proficient if inconsistent writer (while he did Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, he also did Blade Trinity and Ghost Rider 2).

But apparently Batfleck is already trying to save the day even before he's donned the cape and cowl by bringing Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio into the mix. Goyer is pretty busy with the Sandman movie so Terrio is giving the thing another gander and hopefully make things so much better.

This makes me more hopeful for the new film, but I'm going to take it as it comes. It already sounds like it's going to be a Justice League lite, so whatever.

Source: io9

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