Sunday 29 December 2013

There could be an X-Men vs Fantastic Four movie. What?!

Just no.

So apparently Fox could have an X-Men vs Fantastic Four film in the works, according to investor site The Motley Fool. I'd imagine this would come after X-Men: Apocalypse and the new Fantastic Four reboot set for release in 2016, but what the hell guys?

Look, movie executives, I know you've seen the massive success of The Avengers and you want to emulate that success, but having TWO TEAMS in a flick is not going to make you twice the money.

The film could be based on the Claremont miniseries of the same name. You know, that 4-issue thing that came out in 1987?

As much as I love superhero films, I think this is the saturation point. Fox is playing the money game (I know Marvel are too, but they also tell great stories - Fox is yet to really do that).

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