Wednesday 18 December 2013

Choice cuts: this week in Marvel Unlimited

What's the House of Ideas got in store for us this week in Marvel Unlimited?

It's new comic book day! Well it would be if I hadn't stopped tipping my money away on monthlies a while ago. But still, I can celebrate the time-honoured occasion by looking at what's new on Marvel Unlimited. For the uninitiated, Marvel Unlimited is a subscription service that allows you to read thousands of Marvel comics digitally. It's the dog's bollocks, really and I spend hours reading entire runs on lazy Sunday afternoons.

Yeah, so, here's what's good this week:

Captain Marvel #13

I can't help but fangirl all over Kelly Sue Deconnick. Her run on Cap Marvel is just outstanding and keeps getting better. Carole isn't feeling too great after her doctor discovered that she has what appears to be a brain tumour. She's told that if she flies then it could totally mess her up in not the greatest way. Last issue we had the big awesome fight with Deathbird, with an ending that gave us a moment to think "ah shit, that's not good." This time we see that Magnitron has been scheming and the Avengers assemble! Sweet!

Superior Spider-Man #12

Spidey Doc Ock is finally rid of Peter, but there's trouble as the Spider Slayer manages to release himself on The Raft, along with a bunch of famous baddies. So Spidey, Jonah, Norah and Glory are stuck inside a prison with a tonne of pissed off villains that Spidey's recently put away. Gulp!

Age of Ultron #10

Holy shit this has been a rollercoaster ride and a half. Time travel, alternate worlds and Wolvie on Wolvie action - this book has had it all. Now apparently we're in for the surprise of our lives as the final issue makes its way onto Unlimited. Joe Quesada himself has drawn a sequence that will apparently have people talking for years to come. Ooo aye?

Best of the rest

A+X  #9
Morbius #6 (note that this was soon cancelled due to severe badness)
New Avengers #7
Fantastic Four #9
Indestructable Hulk #9
Cable and X-Force #10
Thunderbolts #11
Avengers #14
Wolverine #4
Ultimate Comics X-Men #27
Wolverine and the X-Men #31

FYI, if you're a Marvel fan then you should totally get the subscription. Ridonkulously good value for money.

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