Saturday 28 December 2013

A sneak peek at USR Cyberpunk

Hello sexy reader. Over the past couple of days I've picked up a project that I began work on, like, 5 months ago? Yeah about that. The project is USR Cyberpunk, a guide to playing USR in, you guessed it, a cyberpunk setting. Unlike Halberd Fantasy it's not a standalone game (not that it really makes a difference considering the USR rules are free and 9 pages long) but rather a setting guide. It's actually come along leaps and bounds recently and it should be ready for release in January. Sexy times!

So, what can you expect in USR Cyberpunk? Funny you should ask, because here's some of the sumptuous delights in store:
  • Cyberwear! Well, obviously. Kit yourself out with cyber limbs, augmented targeting eyes, bone enhancement, neural boosts, forearm blades and much more. 
  • Hacking! What would a cyberpunk game be without hacking? The book has simple rules on how to hack systems, steal information and even plant viruses. Which leads me onto my next point...
  • Make your own software! Damned right. You can code your own operating system for your deck, program software (want your kettle to turn on when you get home? You can bloody do that. Or build an A.I!) and create your own viruses! 
  • Guns, guns, guns. Lots of weapons to choose from: pistols, blades, shotguns, rifles, assault rifles and explosives- oh my! Also you'll need some armour to go along with that.
  •  Drugs! Buy them off the market, legal or illegal, or make them yourself. They will enhance your speed, cognition and more!
  • Be whatever you want. Along with familiar archetypes such as Hacker, Cyber Ninja and Face you can create whatever kind of character you like. Want to be a swathe, sexy hacker with a penchant for explosives? You can totally do that.
Yup, this is a rules-lite cyberpunk RPG but I think I've packed quite a bit into it to keep cyberpunk fans happy.

I am really excited to share this with you guys. It's the first in a line of supplements to aid GMs and players with running different genres for USR. I know that USR's flexibility can make it daunting for some inexperienced GM's so these supplements should really help them out with getting their game off the ground.

Oh, and here's a thing you can totally do in USR Cyberpunk. You're faced with an enemy android carrying a gatling gun. You use your wireless deck (fused to your spine and with a bespoke OS, obviously) to hack into the android. Then you infect it with a 5 rating DataDump Worm (this is super effective!) which deletes all information in the android, rendering it useless. Then you pull out that A.I you've spent the last 4 months working on and upload it into the android, turning it into a heavily-armed friend before having it massacre all of its previous allies. Hahahahaha.

Hackers rock!

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