Wednesday 27 August 2014

7 new poisons for your Tunnels & Trolls game

Image: Kittymccourt at Deviantart

Poisons! Fun for the whole family. Mix them in you porridge, sneak them in your pudding. Now have ten new poisons for your T&T game, although you can simply convert them to your favourite system.

Milkweed: If you're on the digesting end of this flower then, well, you probably should start writing a will if you haven't already. Within 2 to 4 hours your throat will begin to feel like fire before you get severe abdominal pain and begin to vomit. If you don't succeed a level 7 SR on CON for three consecutive days then you will perish. If you are aided by a healing spell or potion then the level is reduced by 3.

Witches Gloves: Also known as foxgloves, this poison causes hallucinations, sickness and headaches. Once ingested, the effect of witches gloves will halve your INT for 24 hours.

Pokeweed: This strange purple flower will cause itching if it touches bare skin, but should you eat the damned thing then you're in trouble. You will be severely weakened, your CON and STR halved. You will also face uncontrollable tremors, halving your DEX. The effects of pokeweed last for 24 hours.

Spearwort: Ingesting spearwort is an ugly affair. Seriously, the effects of this poison include horrendous blistering of the skin, reducing your CHA by 1d6 for 1 week.

Sweet Pea: A dose of the cutely named sweet pea will cause your skin to rot away. You are unable to wear armour due to the severe pain and your CON is reduced by 1d6 for three days.

Black Henbane: This poison affects your brain in strange and terrifying ways. When you sleep you have the most evil, sadistic nightmares that seem so real. If your condition isn't discovered and treated with Greeg's Poxin within 5 days you will descend into a catatonic state, unable to talk or go to sleep.

Wolfclaw: A sprig of wolfclaw will cause rage within the victim. They are liable to lash out at anyone standing nearby and some have been known to murder others in blind fury. Each day you must make a level 4 SR on CON - if you fail you attack the person closest to you with +10 adds from the rage. This effect lasts for 1d6 days.

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