Monday 18 August 2014

Peakvale setting: The Slumberer Beneath

This continues a series of posts looking at the Peakvale campaign setting for Tunnel & Trolls. 

The Dhezereth Dwarves have long lived in the awful knowledge that something exists below them. Deep in the heart of the Dhezereth Mountains something sleeps - something huge. The Keepers of the Underlore have spent many a night discussing emergency plans for when the Slumberer Beneath eventually awakes. Indeed, many have suggested to Councillor Ghazamm Rrockcracker that he should begin a mass exodus from the mountains to Helm Peak, fifty miles west of Dhezereth. But the councillor does not heed these warnings as he, along with a large population of dwarves who inhabit the mountain, do not believe the Slumberer exists. After all, there is no evidence of a creature in the heart of the world - it's a mere bedtime story to tell dwarf children so they are quiet at night.

One day Findra Boulderkin, a dwarvern adventurer now known throughout Peakvale, took up her hammer and pack before heading deep into the Deep Fracture, a gaping hole in the centre of the mountain that is said to lead to the core of the world. She wished her friends and family good bye before plunging into the darkness to find out once and for all if the Slumberer Beneath existed.

Findra never returned.

A statue was erected of the adventurer and a day of remembrance is held every year to commemorate her loss. However, there are those who believe that she found riches beyond her wildest dreams and stayed in the centre of the world in a palace made of gold. Since then nobody had dared ventured into the Deep Fracture in fear of disappearing for good like Findra.

Who's to say that the Slumberer exists? If it did, surely it would have power far beyond anything on the surface. Should it stir it would bring about the endtimes for Peakvale and perhaps the rest of the world.

Dare you enter the dark?

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