Thursday 21 August 2014

USR Cyberpunk: The Surgeon

The surgeon probably isn't, let's say, qualified, to do what she's about to do. Sure, she has the know how - look at the way she sharpens that scalpel. That's a pretty big scalpel, come to think of it. Never you mind, the Novocaine will kick in soon.

Meat rooms are dotted throughout the city - cheap places to get yourself a biological enhancement. Sure, they're hit and miss. Some surgeons will even take your limbs from you and hold them to ransom, but that only happens 10% of the time. Meat rooms aren't exactly legal, as it undermines the medical corporations who spend good money on training their surgeons and take better money from people wanting a replacement eye.

Primary attribute: Wits

Suggested specialisms: First Aid (Wits), Surgery (Wits), Search OverNet (Wits)

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