Sunday 24 August 2014

USR Galaxy: The Novorian Empire

"Praise be to Novoria, Queen of the Stars. May her wrath bring galaxies to their knees," - Novorian prayer.

The Alpha System is home to the sprawling Novorian Empire, a vast theocracy consisting of a multitude of alien species, including many humans. The grand city of Vandria on the planet Xian stands at the heart of the empire, with The Holy Vessel ruling over all. The Novorians are dedicated to their goddess, Novoria- a vengeful and terrible deity who demands personal sacrifice and utmost reverence.

Vandria is a sight to behold. Its white, gleaming buildings are hewn from marble and summerstone. Golden statues to Novoria are found dotted around the city, with a 20ft high one near to the Holy House of Vandria. Every day The Shining Order, a large grouped of white-robed priests, parade through the streets, chanting and clutching their holy books. Anyone in the empire who turns 14 must become a member of the order and devote their lives to Novoria. Those who do not comply, or those who commit apostasy are cast onto the planet Gorthon - planet of Apostates. There they live in poverty until the end of their days, with all hope of escape quashed by the Holy Knights who guard its ports.

The Holy Vessel is said to be the living embodiment of Novoria. None must look upon her face lest they be put to death. None but the highest ranking members of the order may even speak to her, and even then it must be brief. The Holy Vessel is often found in solitude and quiet contemplation, only speaking to give orders for 'cleansing' - an abhorrent act where an entire civilisation is attacked and decimated for believing in other gods.

There is a handful of people throughout the galaxy who have escaped the order and now live as free apostates. They know that they will be killed on site if they ever entered the empire, so stay clear of the Alpha System. However, members of the New Earth Empire are growing concerned that the Novorian Empire are expanding too close to New Earth space. They are raising their guard and will not hesitate to declare war should the Novorians make a move.

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