Wednesday 20 August 2014

USR Galaxy: Sketh Warmaster

This post continues a series looking at USR Galaxy, a space opera setting for USR 2.0. Today we will be looking at Sketh warriors - in particular the fearsome Sketh Warmaster.

On the edge of the Gamma System lies the planet Sorrokana, the homeworld of the dreaded Sketh race. These insectoid beings are the scourge of the New Earth Empire, who are frequently subject to attacks from Sketh bombardments.

These creatures have pain beaten out of them when they are young. Each has a gland under their chin that is filled with an acidic fluid they are able to spray out as a weapon. They walk on their back four legs, using their free arms to carry Skethian weaponry such as the Kon staff and Grut blaster.

While the Sketh government breed warriors from birth, there are none more feared than the Sketh Warmaster. These hulking beings are incredible strategists, having their brain capacity artificially increased in the Mammo tubes deep below the surface of the planet. Sketh Warmaster lead their warriors into battle and prove to be formidable adversaries even to the most battle hardened human veteran.

Sketh Warmaster
Action: d10
Ego: d6
Wits: d10
Hits: 20
Weapons: Kon Staff (medium weapon) +2, Acid Spray* +2
Armour: Sketh Battlesuit (Medium Armour) 2
Specialisms: Military Tactics (Wits) +3, Medium Weapon Proficiency (Action) +3
*Acid Spray: Acid Spray ignores the effects of armour. Ranged attack.

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