Saturday 16 August 2014

Peakvale Campaign Setting: The Wyrd

On the shores of Lake Bloodmoon there exists an inter-dimensional rift in space and time - a gateway to new worlds and realities. Wizards and scholars from Thornguard University have studied this phenomenon since it was discovered by Elmore Tusker, an adventuring sorcerer in 435WE (Wondrous Era). He was resting on the yellow sands of Bloodmoon when he found a strange glowing rock. After further searching he discovered more of these small rocks and decided to investigate them. He realised days later that these were normal stones affected by some magic that hadn't been recorded in this reality. It was evidence that something magical was leaking into Peakvale from some unknown dimension.

Soon academics from all over Peakvale had come to Lake Bloodmoon to study the phenomenon. They surmised that Lake Bloodmoon could be the site of a rift, one of the same rifts that first brought the Wizard Gods into the world a millennia ago. They named the rift The Wyrd and continued their studies.

It was soon becoming apparent that the amount of energy pouring out of The Wyrd was becoming stronger. More rocks, or Wyrdstone, were found and some of the flora and fauna around the lake were becoming malformed and wretched.

Everything came to a head when the first being emerged from the Wyrd. Galganosh the Destroyer, a tyrannical genocidal maniac hellbent on turning any world to ash, came forth with his army of insectoid Borgan soldiers. Galganosh razed the city of Brunderdink and declared Peakvale his. Queen Esper led her army against Galganosh's forces, her Shining Knights by her side. Many knights perished but Esper met Galganosh on the battlefield where they fought for hours until both fell.

Since then, the Wyrd has produced an array of beings, benevolent and malevolent. Armies, winged beasts, strange fey folk, flying ships - there is never a dull moment around the Wyrd.

But what about when one brave Peakvalean decided to go into the Wyrd? Well, that's a tale for later.

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