Friday 22 August 2014

Drunk post Friday! Witch Robots for USR

Ok, so there's a reason why I don't usually post on a Friday. I go out after work with colleagues and drink lots of beer. However, in my effort to post every day I want to go ahead and, well, make a post. So welcome to the first Drunk Post Friday! I have no idea what I'm talking about, except I'm talking about WITCH ROBOTS. Yep, cram that in yer maw.

Witch Robots are huge, hulking behemoths crafted from steel and magic in the depths of Afgahr, the Sorceror's Mound. Do we know where they came from? Potentially, but it's hidden in the minds of the Iron Wizards of Margon. They know all the stuff.

Witch Robots are just bitchin'. Here's a one:

Action: d8
Ego: d6
Wits: d10
Specialisms: Secrets of the iron magic +3 (Wits), Awesome body poppin' + 2 (Action)

Get this in your campaign right now!

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