Saturday 16 August 2014

Trollish Delver's top 10 podcasts

I am super into podcasts, guys. They've been a common fixture in my daily routine ever since podcasting became a thing and I've been through a tonne of them. But which would I recommend to you, my good friends? Note that the majority of these aren't shows about tabletop gaming - there are all kinds of genres on the list. Feel free to tell me what your favourites are in the comments.

10. 11 O'clock Comics

There are loads of comic book podcasts flittering around the internet and 11 O'clock Comics is one of the best. These guys have introduced me to a tonne of new creators over the years and broadened my reading horizons. Pretty funny, too.

9. Roll For Initiative

I actually don't listen to many gaming podcasts as, like most shows, they can be really inconsistent in quality. However, I'm happy to say that I love Roll For Initiative, the show that talks about AD&D 1st edition. Do I even play AD&D 1st edition? No, but the hosts, DM Vincent and DM Nick, have some really cool ideas that can be used in any edition of D&D.

8. The Moth

You don't know what emotions you're going to go through when you start a new episode of The Moth. The concept is simple: it's real people telling true stories about their lives. Some are heartbreaking, others are hilarious - but each has a message you can take away. It's so interesting to learn about the lives of random strangers from around the world and share in their experiences.

7. Jay and Silent Bob Get Old

I'm going to be featuring a few Smodcast podcasts on this list because, well, it's my list and I really like these shows. Jay and Silent Bob Get Old is generally a live podcast starring Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. It's what Kevin terms as an 'intervention podcast' - a show to help Mewes stay sober (which he has been for a number of years now - amazing work!). Jay generally talks about hilarious sex stories, harrowing drug tales and then at the end of the show they play a game where they get a member of the audience to come up and act out ridiculous sexual poses with Mewes. Ok, that bit doesn't really work too well in podcast format, but still a great show.

6. FEaB

From the mundane to the fantastic, Scott Mosier and Matt Mira wax lyrical about all and sundry on FEaB (Four Eyes and Beard). With Twitter campaigns like #nakedyes and #splashyes, tales of Canada and a cosy little segment called FEaB Reads, this is a podcast for people who don't mind their shows not being about much at all. It's the Seinfeld of podcasts and its hosts are often hilarious.

5. 99% Invisible

This is a new one for me, but it's a fantastically produced listen. Broadcaster Roman Mars hosts this tiny show on design, from architecture to packaging. To be honest, I don't have too much interest in these subjects, but actually I've found the show to be an incredibly engaging listen. Episodes are short too, so perfect for the commute.

4. Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project

From the guys behind Tested comes SU:TASP. This is essentially Mythbusters' Adam Savage in a room with a couple of friends talking about whatever comes into their minds, although much of the time it gravitates back to engineering and prop-building, which is awesome. I've learnt some great things from this show - highly recommended for science/engineering nerds.

3. SModcast

This is where it all began. Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith shooting the shit and being completely hilarious. Anything goes on SModcast (mainly jokes about Canada) and it's the place to find out where Kev is going to draw inspiration for his next film. Yep, two SModcast episodes have inspired two feature films: Tusk, coming September this year, and Yoga-hoser, coming sometime in the future. Viciously funny, a little bit sweet and well worth your time.

2. No Such Thing as a Fish

If you're a fan of the show QI, then you'll love No Such Thing as a Fish. For those who don't know, QI is a British panel show where the host Stephen Fry asks seemingly simple questions except no answer is ever as it seems. Seriously, the majority of episodes will blow your mind. NSTaaF is created by the 'QI Elves', the researchers who come up with the facts for the show. The format of the podcast is a roundtable where each host talks about their favourite facts of the week. Prepare to lose your mind-hole.

1. Welcome to Night Vale

When you cross X-Files with Twin Peaks, add a dash of Pratchett and a splash of Twilight Zone you get Welcome to Night Vale. This is a podcast mocked up to be a community radio show centred in the titular Night Vale, a desert town where all conspiracy theories are real, where a glowing cloud hangs in the sky, where you are warned to stay away from the dog park, and where angels have made their home. Presented by Cecil Baldwin, the show is split into segments such as community news, traffic, sports and weather (this isn't actually weather, rather it's a random song played by an underground artist). The sprawling storyline, little in-jokes and colourful characters really make Night Vale a joy to listen to. I recommend turning off all the lights, eating a snack and listening to Night Vale.

Honourable mentions:

Hollywood Babble-On
I Sell Comics
Thrilling Adventure Hour
Stuff You Should Know

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