Wednesday 10 January 2018

Another High - a cyberpunk adventure seed

Pisces A isn't on any official record. Don't think that you won't get dragged into a shuttered room and have your grey matter splattered for just mentioning the name. It's all within the Pineapple CEO's augmented brain.

It's about music. Imagine GlowNet users with Pineapple hardware getting a new kind of euphoria from dance beats. Pisces A is a new kind of tech drug in testing. Activate the neuro-wave enhancer and enter a new world triggered by club music. No more Zim pills. No more Hotshot. Instead, a safe drug alternative that makes you feel ten times better without the morning comedown. 

Now imagine how wrong these tests can go. 

Group Alpha showed initial promise. They experienced the ecstasy predicted in a thirty minute stim. One woman vomited, but that was fine. One guy went blind, but it was good enough as a trial. It's what happened later that was fucked up. 

A young woman, a tube dolly by trade, couldn't sleep. After day 6 of restlessness she grew spindly legs from her abdomen, her neck cracking and contorting, lips drawing back to reveal massive incisors. Pineapple sent five low grade gunners to her shanty apartment on Grover Ave. None reported back. What's more is that other things were reported - more creatures. They called them Skullers, on the count that they ripped out your fucking skull. PR disaster.

Skullers, android spider people who feed on face bone, 3+, 6 wounds, Special action: opponent must check nimble (difficult). On a failure, their head is grabbed, taking 1 wound. They may try to escape as an action with a nimble test (difficult). If a Skullers has already grabbed a victim's head they may use a special action to rip their skull out. 

The adventure? Take down the Skullers and don't let the trail lead to Pineapple. The twist? Pisces B is in full beta test with even more disasterous results. Same Skullers - but now music makes them stronger. Shit. 

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