Thursday 11 January 2018

Estagor - the Midden Barrows

Estagor is a dark fantasy setting for use with In Darkest Warrens, but feel free to crib for your own game.

The Midden Barrows are a place of rotten desolation. A complex of ancient tombs created by the Gobber hordes in the world's infancy, still writhing with life - or un-life - to this day. The sun can never shine on the barrows, not when the yellow fog rolls over the land during the daylight hours and dissipates at night.

The Queen of Never is the monarch of the barrow now, coated in raven feathers and crowned in pig sinew she walks these ways in search of meat. She speaks softly to the crows that form around her, their beaks caked in dry blood. Occasionally she chews the head off one, crunching its skull and lapping it's juices with a long grey tongue.

Queen of Never, 4+, 8 wounds, special action: the Queen of Never is joined by four crows. As an action she can grab a crow and devour it, regaining 1 wound.

The Queen is not the only thing a wander need fear out on the barrows at night. The Bloodghast is a name that lives in folklore throughout Estagor - the rotted creature with the head of a demented stag and the body of a human, its feet cloven hooves and it's hands extended into needle claws. Often the last thing a traveller hears is it's dirge of a call on the decaying breeze. The Bloodghast will tear open your ribs and eat your innards with you still watching.

Bloodghast, 3+, 7 wounds, special action: the Bloodghast has a paralysing tongue. In melee range it can use an action to lick an opponent. The opponent must test Brawn (difficult) or become paralyzed for 2 rounds.

Beneath the surface lies a warren of evil. Gobber ghouls and other undead being shuffle in the dark places of the world, defending their ancient treasures. Elves become particularly uneasy down here, calling for frequent brawn tests or spending minutes in a panic.

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