Thursday 4 January 2018

Bogles for Romance of the Perilous Land

Before Duergar appeared in D&D, they were part of the rich tapestry of English folklore. I've taken my own liberties with the folklore of this one for added gameplay opportunities.

Duergar, or Bogles, are ugly grey wild dwarves found across the Perilous Land. They wear lambskin and smell of ammonia. They carry copper lanterns with them in order to lead travellers astray in the dark, causing them to mis-step and often drown in a bog or stumble into a ravine.

Bogles are malevolent beings that disappear before the dawn. They secret themselves away in dirt warrens and lay still until the night comes. Should one be unearthed during the daylight they are entirely vulnerable and can be killed with a swift blow.

Bogle blood is a potent poison, causing severe vomiting and amnesia. After 1d6 days, the victim must make an endurance save or lose 2d10 hp and be unable to recall anything from the past month. Smearing it on your door keeps spirits away from your home for up to a year.

Clues that a Bogle is near:

- milk sours
- the jackdaw does not crow
- trees bend in strange ways
- ammonia whiff

HD 3 (13)
Attack: Claw
Special: Bogles can render themselves near invisible when in the darkness. Anyone attempting to attack the creature must make a Mind saving throw to harm it. If it is unsuccessful, there is a 75% chance the attack will miss. If a Bogle is exposed to natural sunlight it may be killed if it takes at least 1 hp of damage.

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