Saturday 20 January 2018

Quill White Box coming soon

Over the past week I've been posting some ideas for what I've called Quill White Box - basically playing Quill in a D&D style world. The more I posted, the more people were interested in the idea so I've decided to flesh it out into a supplement.

Quill White Box is a new way to experience the award-winning solo roleplaying game. Create a character based on the core classes from the original RPG, each with their own distinct ability. For example, clerics bless the parchment they're writing on, magic-users enchant their ink and thieves can forge documents.

In Quill White Box you will be collecting treasure and finding magical items on your adventures. Visit the market to buy supplies and occasionally the Moon Market to peruse magic items like enchanted perfume and hypnotic parchment.

Yes - true to the original game, you can die a horrible death of you're not careful.

The book will include five adventures - from bringing old pirates back from the dead to helping two lovers in need.

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