Monday 8 January 2018

The Sundered Wolds

The wolf things settled in the Sundered Wolds three centuries ago, erecting obelisks of giant bone and man meat that kept the twisted angels at bay with their screaming spears and blind masks. This is a description of the different areas in the Wolds for your perusal.

Fairy Trap

The wolf things season their meat with magic and so have set a plant trap for the nearby trooper fairies. The mouth of the plant contains the finest silk, and a fairy can't resist to touch it, only to be clamped and ground into a paste.

Guur Circle

The Guur tribe are few but ancient. Their customs dictate that once per green moon they join hands and raise the great millipede from its den. It feasts upon the eyes of the worthy before expunging a carapace shell used to fashion skull totems. These totems dot the landscape, causing non Guur who are near to vomit nightmares.


A village on the border of dreams. Unlikely beings come and go from the village well, though no mortals descend there. The elder to Kun, barbarian of the dawn. His horns blaze in the sun and his eyes can see time itself. 

The Skarp

A beach where skeletons crawl from the sand in search of tongues. The sea is red like wine and ghosts of ships float overheard illuminated in green.

Grib's Hollow

An old goblin living in an ancient tree. His arms are crafted of steel. He strings up wildcats on the branches to attract the Wub birds who carry a sweet nectar that is his drug. Grib is in love with every elf he sees.

Cave of Lat

They do not speak of the cave. To speak of it is to invite its denizens into your mind. The Putzees are winged shadows with single yellow eyes on a stalk. They chitter and purr, leaving the cave in search of wandering thoughts. 

The Old Ship

Washed ashore, a wreck where Puck Puck birds lay their black eggs that erupt into clouds of poison ash when touched. The old captain resides here sucking on anemones and whispering to a map who occasionally whispers back. 

Bortle's Wood

The god Bortle sleeps in the canopies - part bee, part horse. He sings at the dawn a song that causes the Zib flowers to vomit forth a golden ale called Neth's Elixir, famed for its gender-altering properties. The centaurs of the wood guard their world with ferocity, their queen Shifanavala being the most beautiful and deadly creature of the Wold. 

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