Sunday 28 January 2018

More magic items for In Darkest Warrens

Some more magic items for In Darkest Warrens.

Stone of Banishment: this powerful mineral has been blessed by the seers of the fifth divine, with the ability to send evil to the Broken Dimension. Use as an action to send a single target per day with 5 wounds or fewer into the Broken Dimension.

Gloves of Fluidity: activating the oceanic power imbued in these gloves allows the wearer to become water themselves for up to 10 minutes. In fluid form they can think and move, but cannot speak.

Rod of Angel Summoning: the ivory celestial rod of Omega, cast down from the heavens into the world. Once per day the weilder may summon for the Omega Angel, Seriphanes to aid for rounds equal to class level. Stats are: 4+, 5 wounds, special action: opponent must test Nimble or become blinded for a round.

Talisman of Fasting: while wearing this talisman you do not have to eat. You must still drink.

Ring of Tigershape: sporting a gleaming tigers eye gemstone, this silver ring allows the wearer to transform into a tiger once per day for a number of minutes equal to their class level. They can still comprehend others, but cannot speak. Stats are: Rune Tiger, 3+, wounds as original character, special action: a target must test brawn. If they fail, they take 2 wounds and are pinned. If they are already pinned, they must test brawn to become unpinned. While pinning, the tiger does 2 wounds per attack.

Bracelet of Remote Sight: crafted by the octopoid psychics of the Singing Mountain, the bracelet allows the wearer to select a target in line of sight and see through their eyes as if they were the target. Using an action they can maintain the sight for up to a minute per class level.

Racemask: wearing this wooden mask, cut by the Evershaman of the Dimlands, lets the wearer change their race to any other player race. They temporarily gain the ability of that race. The mask can be worn once per day for 10 minutes per class level.

Curious about In Darkest Warrens? It's a minimalist game inspired by the OSR, written on two pages. The core rules contain everything you need to play, including a bestiary and an adventure.

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  1. Hello Scott,
    I discovered your game "In Darkest Warrens" and I am fond of it. I would like to translate it and its two supplements (Magnificent Artefacts and The Adventurer’s Guide). It would be for a non commercial use. Please, do you allow me to translate them into French?