Sunday 21 January 2018

Legendary Quills

I hope you're having fun with Quill: White Box this weekend. Part of what I wanted to do with this game is offer some supplemental material right on this blog. Some of it will be experimental, but all of it should be pretty fun.

Today I wanted to introduce Legendary Quills. These three quills have been forged by powerful mage scribes of ancient times. They are not available in the Moon Market - they are rare and powerful.

You can be in with a chance of receiving one of these quills by achieving 15 points in any of the adventures in the book. If you do, you must roll a die. On a 5 or 6, you are visited by the spirit of a mage scribe and given one of the quills below (your choice):

Warlock's Quill - made from a griffon feather, automatically succeed all Language rolls. 10 uses

Ghost Quill - a quill that writes itself. Automatically succeed all Penmanship rolls. 10 uses.

Angelic Quill - a quill created from an angel's wing. Automatically succeed all Heart rolls. 10 uses.

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