Saturday 6 January 2018

The Woodcut Dungeon from Hell

This is the dungeon of Olaus Magnus, High Dread Sorceror of the Seventh Spire. He was said to have died years ago, leaving his fortification ripe for plundering. Nearby monarchs are trying to lay claim to the dungeon and the magical treasures within. Unbeknownst to them, on his deathbed Magnus made a pact with Thanuu, a demon of the pestilence realm. Now Magnus lives as a half beast, gathering his forces to invade nearby kingdoms and bring them under the rule of Thanuu.

Madness is claiming the settlement around the dungeon. Thanuu is creating visions of pestilence in people's minds. They are heavily religious and have taken to self-flagellation. Trying to stop them will cause them to attack - but they welcome a beating from the religious.

This is Gimlet Sneeve, a rogue, rabble-rouser and drunk. He is posing as a monk to get villagers to pay him for blessings. If he's rumbled, he'll help the PCs get into the dungeon and will join the for a cut. At some point reveal he's a werebear. As a clue, villagers have been found torn apart. Some report a hairy beast prowling the moors they call a devil. He doesn't know he's a werebear.

Balthazar is the demonic blacksmith in the dungeon, creating infernal weapons for Thanuu's soldiers. He wants human bone and hair to will forge a morbid blade. If PCs refuse, he will try to make the blade from their bodies.

Kunoth of the Bells is a demon in the warped chapel, blackened from demon bile. Each bell rung causes a different effect:

1. 1d6 PCs become sexually aroused by the smell of demon bile and smear it on themselves. This can attract fester devils.
2. The ringer grows a single horn tipped with black mamba venom
3. 1d4 PCs must make a constitution save or equivalent or fall pregnant with a demon that comes to term in 1d6 hours, tearing them apart and devouring their corpse
4. The PCs are teleported into a pit of demon feces.

Savnoc the Elder One wishes to feast on fester beasts, but the PCs will do nicely. Throwing an item into its hat enchants it, allowing the user to smell secret doors (they smell like wet moss).

Olaus Magnus sits on his damned throne. He is particularly weak to venom or the blessings of the clergy. He claws eyes out and lays hexagonal eggs that hatch into fester demons. All he wants to do is die, but Thanuu won't allow it.

Thanuu makes an appearance once Magnus is killed, or decides against killing the PCs. He has the appearance of a blasphemous bishop. The face on his chest can hypnotise PCs to believe they are babies again. He can fly, cast sleep and cause two or more fester demons to merge into a Dreadwalker - which feeds on wisdom.

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