Sunday 7 January 2018

Destiny Quest returns with Raiders of the Dune Sea Kickstarter

Probably the fattest gamebook series I've ever read was Destiny Quest, a current trilogy that's soon to hopefully become a quadrilogy with Raiders of the Dune Sea.

Megara Entertainment is helming the new fundraising effort for the next book and if you're a fan of solo gaming but haven't heard of DQ I highly recommend you check it out. The books are set up like action RPGs like Diablo - you go from map to map getting loot and optimising your character. The build here is part of the fun of the game, with classes and sub-classes to become. The Kickstarter also includes some exclusive items cards that don't feature in the book, but once you meet the criteria you can pick them up, along with a new downloadable dungeon to add to the game.

Stuart Lloyd has done an interview with Ward delving further into the new book, which promises to be pretty brutal.

Support the Kickstarter.

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