Thursday 25 January 2018

Kingdom of Thaw - In Darkest Warrens


Wolfguard - 5 wounds, Special: You have a wolf companion who you control. When you level up, the Wolf's wounds increases by 1. Stats are: Wolf, 5+, 3 wounds, melee, special action: the wolf may move and attack as part of the same action.

Frost Mage - 3  wounds, Special: may use frost spells.

Frost spells (useable once per combat)

Freeze ground - you freeze a 20ft square on the ground. Anyone ending their turn in this square must Test Nimble or fall prone and take 1 damage. The square lasts for 2 rounds per class level.

Frost bolt - you do 1 damage and paralyse a target for 1 round per class level. The enemy may test nimble to ignore the paralysis.

Ice shield - your armour increases by 1 wound for 1 round per class level.


Tundra Dwarf: you gain +1 to all tests when outside in a snowy environment.

Frost Elf: you may cast ice shield as a level 1 spell once per combat.

Blue Orc: animal companions gain a +1 bonus to attacks.

Creatures of the Thaw

Frost giant, 4+, 7 wounds, melee, special action: may use an action to throw a boulder. Target must test nimble or take 2 damage.

Shivering skeleton, 5+, 4 wounds, melee/ ranged, special action: target within line of site must test mind. If unsuccessful they must move their full movement away from the Shivering skeleton.

Crystal savage, 3+, 6 wounds, melee, special action: may use an action to make a second attack against an another adjacent target.

Doom raven, 4+, 5 wounds, melee, special action: may teleport from one location to another within line of site.

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