Tuesday 9 January 2018

The wretch that came from the sea

Do not stray near the Grey Wash, many a rosy cheeked infant has been told. That's where the people of the deep wander looking for their next meal. Their hair is of weed and their eyes of pearls. Their teeth are fish hooks and their webbed hands suck the cliff face allowing them to ascend the sheer rock. 

Like the barnacle fishers they have their own shanties they drone as they climb - guttural tales of licking the juices from the eyes of children and crack snapping the bones of men. 

The sea wretches are begat of trolls having mated with the blasphemous sea god Llundwall. Sometimes their spawn jelly floats near to the shore where it is harvested for its aphrodisiac qualities. Those who use the jelly (Aphorite) wind up going into the inky blackness for the remainder of their days.

The sea wretches clutch tridents crafted from megalodon bone. They blow horns that produce a thick fog whose fingers creep over the shore. They are attracted to the smell of lavender and can smell it from a hundred leagues. 

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