Wednesday 24 January 2018

Goblins of Gibbering Vale

Goblins of the Gibbering Vale have no names. They are identified by the type of fungus growing off the top of their head. When they die the mushroom erupts into spores that, if inhaled, the victim inflates and floats until they deflate 4d6 ft up.

Their preferred weapons are petrified birds - stuck on top of a stick into a 'birdspear' or fashioned into arrows. They keep a basilisk to craft their weapons (walking through the Vale goblin 'statues' dot the landscape).

They live in dirt traps beneath the soil, using their sensitive hearing to ambush travellers above them.

Gibbering Vale Goblin, 5+, 2 wounds, melee, special action: after reaching 0 wounds the goblin automatically triggers a spore eruption. Anyone within 5ft of the goblin must test Nimble or inflate, rising 4d6 ft before falling. They must take 1 wound for every 10ft they fall.

(Stat block for In Darkest Warrens).

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